How to decorate a bathroom: distinctive pieces for distinctive bathrooms

Giving your bathroom personality is easy if you opt for the right décor and furnishings.

We're breaking away from the traditional concept that bathrooms can't be decorated. It's normal to want to follow the latest trends when you're doing up your bathroom, but it's worth doing it with a touch of distinction, and letting your decorative personality shine through. Some bathroom pieces tell their design story just by you looking at them - you can see why they've been designed the way they are. Bathrooms that are truly individual are surprising: they can submerge you in a world of unique sensations. If you're looking to give your bathroom exclusivity, unique design is key - but this shouldn't come at the cost of functionality: quality and everyday convenience should always go hand-in-hand with aesthetics. Detail forms the foundation of all Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms pieces, with the selection of premium raw materials and a production process founded on the manufacture of high-end bathrooms. Quality, technology, and usability are represented in these six distinctive bathroom pieces. Comprehensive bathroom design.
The bathroom should be a transformative space. A practical yet relaxed and tranquil retreat. Access from the exterior world to the interior.

Furnishings in colour

Colour in bathrooms is currently trending according to WGSN, the leading trend forecasting portal. Colour "bursts into a traditionally white space to awaken the senses, encourage relaxation, and promote wellbeing", states WGSN in one of its reports. Blue tones are also a must, above all, reimaginings of traditional navy blue. Lounge Azul Noche furnishings: twilight blue is trending Noken draws from the subtle indigo blue of twilight in its Lounge Azul Noche bathroom furnishings, with the chromatic intensity of this piece making it a focal point of the bathroom. Noken combines Azul Noche with the collection's metallic finishes in both the taps and drawer handles: copper and titanium. With a width of 120 cm, the wall-mounted unit is highly practical, featuring a large storage drawer and ample countertop space, in Project Tech anti-scratch material.


Incorporate exquisite pieces

Lignage is the latest gem by Ramón Esteve, designed exclusively for Noken. The taps are defined by "nostalgia for the past", bringing back "the appeal of traditional taps, but reinterpreting them into a proposal that fits in a modern space". Ramón Esteve* says that he likes "to create pieces with their own inherent value, that at the same time give coherence to a space, bring beauty to the whole setting, and convey that feeling to the user". All these strengths make Lignage the ideal tap design for distinctive bathrooms, which seek classic elegance whilst looking ahead to the future. The exclusive, elegant taps come in monoblock, three-piece, and integrated three-piece format, and are available in chrome and gloss gold finishes. The series was awarded Best Design at the 2019 IF Design Awards. *Ramón Esteve for Nuevo Estilo. Lignage-13

Floor-standing washbasins in colour

A washbasin for every style, design, and need. With a full catalogue of proposals, Arquitect offers ceramic washbasins installed into flooring, serving as a sculptural piece designed for functionality and comfort of the bathroom user. Perfect for installation with free-standing taps, the washbasins come in a choice of three finishes: gloss white, matt white, and sand. The latter is perfect for rustic bathrooms or those in a more natural colour palette such as earthy tones.


Arquitect floor-standing washbasins: sculptural functionality

Decorate your bathroom with plants

Freshness, colour, happiness. These are some of the advantages of having plants in the bathroom and incorporating green into our surroundings. Tranquillity and order bring vivacity to your bathroom décor.


Essence C furnishings and Round taps in matt black

Highlight the shower wall

Using a designer wall covering as a feature will give your bathroom added depth - as well as personality. decorar-baños-Noken

Magma wall tiles from Venis combined with Lounge shower and taps in copper

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are great allies when decorating a bathroom. The design, shape, and position you choose can create synergy between the different bathroom elements, drawing them together and making each detail an extension of the other. Pure harmony. Opting for custom mirrors such as those we offer at Noken gives you endless possibilities: your only limit is your imagination. This is how we conceive such unique spaces. Because the details are the pieces that represent everything we feel and believe. Our Liem oval mirror is made with a natural walnut wood veneer, with a finish achieved by our meticulous approach in hand-selecting and assembling small pieces for an elegant sense of continuity in the frame. A piece with high human and decorative value. mueble-bano-liem-noken-grey

Bathroom lighting

Traditionally, bathrooms are spaces where you find recessed downlights or light fittings, but we propose hanging ceiling lamps in a corner of the room, over a washbasin or free-standing bath, or combining several at different heights. Mirrors with built-in lights are also great for zoning or enhancing various spaces. Liem-noken-6

 Liem free-standing bath and Lignage taps

Copper or black. Incorporate taps and accessories in premium finishes

Bathroom fittings in colour are trending. Matt black or copper are a real gems in bathroom décor, and mean we can highlight the presence and design of elements that have traditionally been restricted to chrome. Functional accessories with the perfect aesthetic.


Bring warmth to your bathroom with wood

Furnishings, flooring and tiles in a wood finish are key to achieving a unique warmth. The space will have an impact on your state of mind.


Download HERE our bathroom prints and make up a new decoration for your bathroom

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