How to decorate a bathroom: 6 distinctive pieces for bathrooms with a personal seal

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 14 feb 2019
  • Having a bathroom with its very own personality is possible if you choose the right equipment which is distinctive and full of quality
  • Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers six of its most iconic pieces to design a bathroom full of unique sensations.

 Following the latest trends is common when equipping a bathroom, however, it should be made distinctive, making its decorative language enjoy its very own personality. There are bathroom pieces that, just by looking at them, tell us the story of their design, and why they were created in the first place. That uniqueness makes these bathrooms amazing. They are capable of submerging the user in a unique world of sensations. A unique design is key to the exclusivity of a bathroom, but one should not forego the functionality of the pieces or the aesthetic criteria, which give more importance to the quality and comfort for the user on a daily basis.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms creates each piece from the smallest detail, with a Premium selection of its raw materials and a production process based on the manufacturing of high-end bathrooms. Quality, technology and usability represented in these six distinctive bathroom pieces. The comprehensive bathroom design.

  1. Azul Noche Lounge furniture: the “sunset” is a trend

Colour in the bathroom is one of the current trends according to WGSN, a leading web portal in trend forecasting. Colour 'breaks into a traditionally white space to awaken the senses, enhance relaxation and promote wellness', WGSN clarifies in one of its reports. Bluish tones are also a must, especially those which reinvent the traditional navy blue. Noken takes the subtle indigo blue from the sunset in its Lounge Azul Noche furniture, looking to turn it into a standout bathroom piece due to its chromatic intensity. Noken combines the Azul Noche with the metallic finishes from the collection for the bathroom taps and drawer handle: copper and titanium. The furniture, which is wall-hung and 120cm wide, is highly practical and it comes with a large drawer for storage and ample countertop space in the Project Tech anti-scratch material.




  1. Lignage taps by Ramón Esteve: classic delicacy with one eye on the future

Designed exclusively for Noken, Lignage is the latest gem to be unearthed by Ramón Esteve. Taps defined by “nostalgia for the past”, “bringing the resources of the traditional taps back, but reinterpreting them in a design that fits into a modern space". Ramón Esteve* says that he likes to "create pieces with their own value which at the same time, give coherence to the space, providing beauty to the set and transmitting that feeling to the user". For all these strengths, Lignage is a tap design suitable for distinctive bathrooms that look for classic delicacy with one eye on the future. It is made up of a single-lever mixer, three-piece battery and three-piece built-in battery. It is available in three finishes, namely: chrome, gold gloss and brushed titanium; these taps are exclusive and elegant. The series has won the Best Design award at the IF Design Awards in its 2019 edition.

* Ramón Esteve for New Style.



  1. Floor standing Arquitect basins: sculptural functionality

The versatility of the Arquitect series makes this series the perfect collection to meet any type of bathroom requirement. A basin for every style, design and need. In its design catalogue, Arquitect offers ceramic floor standing basins, which act as a sculptural piece for the user's functionality and comfort in the bathroom. Perfect for being installed with floor standing taps, these basins offer three finish options: white gloss, white matt and sand. This latest version is ideal for rustic bathrooms or for those which bank on more natural tones like earth.




  1. Vitae toilets: liquid modernity. The Zaha Hadid legacy

The architect, Zaha Hadid, who was the first woman to win a Pritzker Award, did what was to be her last ever bathroom design for Noken. A distinctive collection for any Premium bathroom in all its pieces, which is inspired by water and its movement. The wall-hung toilets are a work of art for the bathroom, due to their sinuous shapes that represent the shape of a waterdrop. Made of Noken Ceramic, this equipment has also won prestigious awards, namely: the Architizer A + Award and the Archiexpo i-Novo Award, to name but a few.




  1. The Antic bathtub: Elizabethan style in the 21st century bathroom

The classic Antic collection by Noken recalls the exclusivity of times gone by. As the standout piece, the Antic Duo bathtub is made of cast iron with different colour possibilities for the bathtub, along with the lion leg shaped legs. This bathtub brings the Elizabethan style from 19th century English palaces to modern-day bathrooms. Time travel. The nobility of a unique bathroom.




  1. The Lounge shower head: Wellness experiences with colourful bathrooms

Having a Wellness space in the bathroom can be something that is most distinctive. A private spa created in a shower or bathtub space, mixing a whirlpool bath and a shower head with chromotherapy. The Lounge collection by Simone Micheli  includes ceiling mounted shower heads designed specifically to create Wellness experiences, through different shower functions and the power of chromotherapy. They are available in: 40cm, 60cm and 40cmx60cm versions. As well as that, they come with features such as: Rain, cascade and vaporiser; and a central jet depending on the model.




A bathroom with its very own personality with these six design pieces. The bathroom with ART.