How to choose kitchen taps: 5 designs for 5 styles

¿Qué se debe tener en cuenta a la hora de seleccionar la grifería de cocina perfecta? Te proponemos cinco modelos.

You are going to design your new kitchen. Or, on the contrary, you are going to refurbish your current kitchen. To find oneself between one of these two cases is to consider, inevitably, what equipment and kitchen taps will be chosen. But, what should be taken into account when selecting the perfect taps?


1. Functionality. The culinary experimentation requires practical kitchen taps and comfort in relation to their handling. Therefore, the chosen design should guarantee aspects such as being able to move better while cooking, improving hygiene for the kitchen equipment, as well as washing food or making the opening of the taps easier.

2. The quality of the materials. Durability is something highly valued by users. If you invest in high-design kitchen taps, the requirements are: a durable piece that is resistant to use, taps that stand the test of time, along with easy maintenance.

3. Design. Taps are the main element in the kitchen, a piece that usually catches the eye, although a priori it does not seem so. They are usually located in a privileged place, near the workspace. Therefore, tap design is crucial and they must be chosen conscientiously: do they fit the kitchen style? Do they meet the expectations of breaking with the design by achieving an eclectic style?

In Noken, we respond with our kitchen taps to all these aspects, and we do so with cutting-edge and high-quality pieces that delight the space and adapt perfectly to everyday use. In fact, all Noken kitchen taps are protected with 'Maximum Chrome' and they are subjected to periodical controls and certifications.

However, as we know that each design is for a kitchen, we combine numerous designs in our product catalogue, always with the maximum guarantee in materials and manufacturing processes provided by the PORCELANOSA Grupo. Are you clear about the kitchen style of your dreams? Our proposition:

Five taps for five kitchens

Bridge and Bridge Slim: simplicity and elegance

We're taking the concept of practicality one step further, never sacrificing the decorative aspect. This is what makes Bridge a tap that's functional, restrained and sumptuous at the same time, thanks to the Finish Studio black, titanium and chrome finishes. Bridge Slim offers a finer and more stylised design, in Finish Studio chrome, copper and titanium finishes. We're committed to revolutionising the functional aesthetic in the kitchen, with striking pieces that will add character to your kitchen space.

The harmonious design plays with the geometry of the piece. The rounded shaft with a right-angle silhouette softens this kitchen mixer tap, with a pull-out function for added convenience. A tap with a distinct contemporary urban style.


Pure Line: digital technology for an enhanced kitchen experience

Pure Line tap technology offers ease and intuitive use. It has a circular control button with an LED ring that provides a visual indication of the water temperature. To turn on the tap, simply press the control button. You can then control the temperature by turning the lever, thanks to Noken T-Start technology. To modify the water flow, just press the control button for two seconds.

It can be installed in any position and on any worktop surface.

Round Inox: a stainless steel industrial design for foodies.

With serious personality and an ultra-resistant finish, the design makes the most of this metallic aesthetic.

Available in Finish Studio brushed inox, brushed copper and brushed titanium finishes, inox version is the perfect choice for outdoor kitchens or those looking for a distinctly industrial style.

Arquitect: contemporary kitchen taps

A tap in a simplified design with a contemporary feel. The clean design of the shaft and lever give the tap a particularly current aesthetic. Perfect for minimalist kitchens thanks to its stunning simplicity, available in chrome and matt black versions.


Magnet: rustic-chic design for the kitchen

This model will add to your kitchen's aesthetic flavour. Magnet is a fresh take on the classic kitchen tap, with a subtle rustic-chic style.

A beautiful piece with a hint of nostalgia, a contemporary take on the past, with a combined matt black and chrome shaft.


Tips when opting for the best taps for your kitchen

Apart from the design, we suggest taking into account a series of tips that favour opting for the most practical taps for your kitchen:

1. The high-spout taps are very useful for bulky containers, opt for them for greater comfort on a day-to-day basis.

2. The flexible spout and a greater water flow jet favour the cleaning and filling of the containers.

3. If you have an island or a double bowl kitchen sink, opt for a 170º swivel spout with a security stop that avoid overflows like those offered by Noken. The flexible hand shower will also help.

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