How to choose a bathroom countertop

When choosing a bathroom countertops, it is crucial to take into account some basic requirements that a good surface must meet. If you heed these requirements you are sure to make a good choice.

When choosing bathroom countertops, certain crucial requirements must be taken into account. This article will explain what these requirements are and why they are so important.



The first aspect to bear in mind when choosing bathroom countertops is to ensure they are hygienic, a remarkably sensitive aspect in a context such as the present. To ensure hygiene in the bathroom, a humid space especially sensitive to the proliferation of microorganisms, we have countertops, countertops with integrated basin or basins with antibacterial surfaces.

Balance between aesthetics and functionality

The washbasin area is a focal point in the design and distribution of the room as a whole, and therefore a great deal of the bathroom aesthetics depend on the aesthetics of the countertop. Besides its aesthetics, a bathroom countertop must fulfil the functions specific to its nature. To do so, it may be necessary to add a mantel for the washbasin and shelves, or drawers, opting for the utmost functionality of the space. 

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Both the countertop and the washbasin must be easy to maintain and clean. This will prevent bacteria from spreading and avoid premature wear of this element

Dimensions and installation method 

When choosing the countertop, some options in terms of dimensions are worth considering. Choosing tailor-made or custom bathroom countertops is a good idea when you have to play with the space inside the room. In other cases, the best option is likely to be a standard bathroom countertop. Both, the Project Tech and Oxo, are available in standard sizes, as well as customized sizes and mechanized on request.

The installation method will also be a highly important part to take into account when choosing a countertop.


Choose the right material

To continue with the requirements that a good bathroom countertop must meet, we will continue to consider the materials available and their different features. 

Porcelain countertops

Porcelain bathroom countertops have advantages such as impermeability, hygiene, cleanliness, high thermal resistance and high resistance to scratches and wear.

Although the variety of designs is not overly broad, those who are looking for a countertop that does needs no maintenance and is highly resistant can choose this option. 



The Oxo countertop with XTONE wall tiles revolutionises the concept of a porcelain countertop, as it has two finishes: Glem Nature and Bottega Acero. Made with material synthesised by PORCELANOSA, it is highly resistant to chemical elements, it is waterproof and due to its low porosity it is a hygienic option that is easy to clean. A natural, recyclable, and fully environmentally-friendly product. 


Project Tech antibacterial countertops

The Project Tech antibacterial countertops are pleasant to the touch, and highly resistant to dry heat, chemicals, scratches and impacts. 




The Project Tech countertop boasts a new antibacterial technology, fingerprint-resistant, and small scratches can also be repaired by applying heat to its surface.

It is available in black and grey and has a wide range of dimensions, even adapting to the most demanding projects. 


Project Wood timber countertop

Wooden countertops are an excellent choice at an aesthetic level, although the wood must be very well treated to prevent humidity in the area from having an impact on its condition. 




The Project Wood countertop is the perfect solution for a rustic or Nordic-style bathroom. It has all the aesthetic advantages of a wooden washbasin countertop, without the disadvantages that this material can have on a bathroom countertop. It is a resistant option in contact with humidity that simulates natural oak.


Bathroom solutions 

There are various solutions for incorporating the countertop into bathroom furniture.

Bathroom furniture with countertop

The option of bathroom furniture with a built-in countertop allows for a spacious setting for the countertop and is easy to clean. 



The Lounge Night Blue vanity is one of the choices to take into account in this section, at 120 cm in width and boasting a large storage drawer. The countertop is made of Project Tech scratch-resistant material. 



The Architect bathroom vanity is a cabinet with a suspended countertop, in 80 cm and 120 cm with black and grey finishes. It boasts an antibacterial and fingerprint-resistant countertop and the features of the Project Tech countertops. 


Washbasins with ceramic countertop

Washbasins with ceramic countertops are easy to clean, they feature a classic design and are perfectly adapted to bathroom furniture. 




Bathroom countertop with built-in sink

The bathroom countertop with a built-in sink has a deeper basin than the over-counter washbasins; they are easy to clean and have become a trend in recent years.

This is the case of the bathroom countertop with the built-in Oxo sink, which endows bathrooms with a homogeneous aesthetic in both finishes, Glem Nature and Bottega Acero. This countertop is highly resistant and has a near zero level of absorption, with a washbasin that is easy to clean, hygienic and fully recyclable. 



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