How to choose a bathroom mirror: 4 designs for 4 bathrooms

Choosing the right option for the design of the mirror is key for the aesthetic and usability alike.


In interior design, mirrors have always been 'magical'. Not only because they are necessary for hygiene and daily care, but also for their ability to captivate the design and amplify the space. In a bathroom with small dimensions, a mirror or two strategically placed can greatly enhance the sense of spaciousness. They are the perfect trick to gain in the depth of field and to enjoy a daily life full of practicality and high levels of comfort.



The latest innovations in mirrors: designs that reflect quality and high technology

Choosing the right option for the design of the mirror is key for the aesthetic and usability alike. Nowadays, attention to detail in the manufacturing process and technology have given way to mirrors that are capable of being the main attraction in the space, as well as making people’s daily lives a lot easier. From Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, we have opted for mirrors with polished edges and led lights that make the bathroom a space of distinction and unique experiences.

Polished edge mirrors: we take the utmost care in the customisation

Noken takes care of its production process so that high quality is reflected in the design. The polished edge mirrors are the result of that 'detailed' creation, 100% Noken custom-made pieces so that each series is original.

Mirrors with led lights: exclusive sustainability

Innovation enters the bathroom through mirrors with built-in led lights. Luxury designs which bank on sustainability, since the LED lighting systems have low power consumption, which favours energy savings. Other advantages which these types of mirrors have are:

  1. The creation of a frontal light without any shadows. This is the most suitable for the face lighting in personal hygiene care.
  2. The achievement of a very relaxing and clean mood lighting.
  3. Customisation and improvement of the bathroom by itself.






4 mirrors for 4 bathrooms. Choose your custom-made design


Bathroom 1 #.  The Hotels Mirror

Created for cutting-edge and daring bathrooms, the Hotels mirror has an elegant design with high levels of practicality. Ideal for bathrooms in private homes or for bathrooms in hotels or contract projects, the Hotels mirror has a strip of led light at the top that serves as a lamp and assisted light to improve personal hygiene tasks. Available in 110cmx70cm and 80cmx70cm.





Bathroom 2 #. The Lounge Mirror

A gem for the bathroom by the Italian designer, Simone Micheli. Perfect for Premium bathrooms or those which look for distinction, due to its unique design and led lights at the top and on the left of the piece. Its range of formats also includes: 120cmx60cm, 80cmx100cm and 120cmx80cm. In the 120cmx60cm version, it is possible to have a sensor for lighting control, mood lighting and an anti-fogging system.





Bathroom 3 #. Pure Line Mirrors

Two mirror versions in the same collection. The 65cmx90cm asymmetric polished edge one is ideal for different bathrooms, unevenly perfect. However, the mirror from the Pure Line Wood collection is all cutting-edge technology, due to its LED lighting, anti-fog and Bluetooth system. Additionally, this mirror allows for the inclusion of a shelf on which a mobile phone could be placed.





Bathroom 4 #. The Imagine Mirror

Pure charme for the bathroom. A mirror with polished edges, ideal for classic and vintage souls whose goal is timelessness. Available in a 90cmx45cm format.




Technology. Usability PERFECTION. Which one is your mirror?

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