How to make your bathroom look more luxurious

A limitation in our budget or space is not synonymous with a lack of inspiration, personality or bad taste. Simple ways to make a small bathroom look luxurious.

A limitation in our budget is not synonymous with a lack of inspiration, personality or bad taste. Like space limitation. Rather the complete opposite.

What makes a bathroom look more exclusive and luxurious, despite its small size or having a tight budget? There are a series of intelligent decisions in its design which achieve the objective without increasing the budget.


1. Bank on the large format wall tiles and give colour to the grout. The wall tile is one of the elements with greater personality, capable of forming a part of the space, which goes towards another aesthetic dimension: more luxurious and more spacious. Opting for a coloured grout, such as black or grey, does not make a budget more expensive and it provides a certain touch to the installation.

2. Include finishes emulating stone and natural wood. Coatings on floors, walls and furniture inspired by natural materials improve the design of the bathroom and make it seem more beautiful, noble and authentic.



The Tile bathroom furniture is coated in XLight, a ceramic sheet which simulates natural stone with amazing beauty. The bathroom can combine the same finish in the furniture and the wall tile, visually extending the beauty of this fine material



The Liem and Nature collections are characterised by combining natural water-repellent wood in its finish, with an XTONE worktop which emulates different natural stone finishes. A simple and luxurious alternative.



Luxury is imposed in the bathrooms with white marble or ceramic materials which simulate this finish in light and bright tones.


3. Freestanding bathtub. A structural piece in the bathroom which focuses attention   and visual weight in the room, achieving a more refined and minimalist atmosphere.



The Lounge square freestanding bathtub


4. Install a walk-in shower tray, and a shower with a shower head with the rain function. The minimalism and the material weight of the shower tray design will increase the bathroom sophistication. The comfort of feeling rain in the shower will make it an exclusive experience.

5. Wall-hung furniture and wall-hung toilets, and built-in taps and cistern. Space flow is a luxury. Reduce the visual sanitaryware weight through wall-hung toilets with built-in cisterns, furniture without legs, and deck mounted taps.

6. Add metal and include a little gem in the bathroom with special finishes with metal touches in taps: bronze, titanium, black matt and chrome.



Banking on a design piece in a special finish, namely: the Lounge, Lignage or Oxo taps; it manages to improve the look of the overall design of the space.


7. Let the towels be seen in the bathroom decor, especially if they have a key design or they are luxurious; use shelves and open bookcases as well.



The Square bathroom structure is a piece which showcases sophisticated simplicity in a black matt metallic finish and a natural oak or taupe fine wood shelf. It offers the possibility of including a lacquered unit in white or taupe for extra storage. Adaptable in measurements and settings.


8. Combine the wall tiles with the wallpaper. Sophistication will prevail in bathroom design. 

9. Include plants and decor with glass containers and design containers.



Essence-C collection


10. Hang a lamp.

11. Decorate with a dramatic design mirror.

12. Maintain the tidiness. It is useless to bank on materials if untidiness reigns in space. In this post on how to organise a bathroom, we tell you all those secrets which help towards keeping a tidy bathroom, making luxury affordable for everyone.

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