How to install a shower tray

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to simple shower tray installation

Shower trays offer an endless number of advantages, such as accessibility, practicality, cleanliness and added space.

Before installing a shower tray, you need to think about various things: you should know precisely how much space you have for installation, your chosen shower tray material, and whether you need a standard or cut-to-measure size. In short, before you go ahead with installation you need to choose the right shower tray for your bathroom.

At Noken by PORCELANOSA Group we manufacture resistant, lightweight and safe shower trays that are easy to install and maintain. So, once you've chosen the shower tray to suit your needs, you need to know how to install it, seeking a professional's help if required.


Zen shower tray

How to install a shower tray, step by step

Installing a shower tray is a simple process. To install it properly, you need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Remove the shower tray packaging.

Step 2: Place the shower tray on a clean and flat horizontal surface. Also check the gradient on every side.

Step 3: For a safe installation, you need to make sure the base you're installing the shower tray on is level and dry. You also need to think about the position of the drainage valve, paying attention to the technical specifications of the shower tray.

Step 4: Once you've attached the drain valve to the PVC pipe, check that there aren't any leaks and that the drain valve is flush with the surface. Seal any empty spaces around the valve.

Step 5: Place the shower tray on the surface, and use a little water to check the drainage is working properly. That way, you'll know you've got a level surface and can be sure the valve isn't higher than it should be.

Step 6: When you're ready to install your shower tray, spread a large amount of adhesive over the floor base and apply it to the underside of the shower tray. We recommend you use Sikaflex or Polimero MS polyurethane sealant. Remember: the drainage hole over the valve and all sides of the shower tray must be level.

Step 7: Seal with a bead of polyurethane putty or neutral silicone to prevent any potential water leaks.

Step 8: Wait 24 hours for it to fully dry until you install any fixed materials.


*Installed according to American regulations. Some steps may vary.

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