Hotel Trend: the effortless experiential bathroom

The hotel design model is constantly changing, and it says goodbye to impersonal designs to become a destination in its own right.

The bathroom, together with the bed, is one of the spaces in which people spend more time. Therefore, the hotel becomes experiential, a specialist in creating personalised and memorable rooms which are increasingly committed to bathrooms designed to become wellness shrines.


Effortless bathrooms

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers bathroom equipment for hotels to stay in every day. Experiential and responsible solutions, with bathroom equipment designs which both fascinate and exceed the people’s expectations. Experiment with no effort.

bañera soleil noken


Touch&Feel. Touch and feel. As simple as that.

Touch&Feel is the new Wellness shower system by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Just a gentle touch is all that is needed to change the shower functions; it allows for several functions to be enjoyed simultaneously, as well as maintaining an excellent waterflow for each of its outlets, namely: rain and cascade, or rain function and jets. Guaranteed long-lasting technology which is subjected to pressure resistance tests up to 50 bar and resistance tests for push-buttons with more than 800.000 cycles. It is easily installed with the Project Line and Smartbox systems.

Further on from the experiences, the effortless bathroom model that we offer comes with a reduction in maintenance costs, along with more awareness and control regarding energy consumption. We are dealing with bathroom equipment which saves on maintenance; it is reparable and remains as good as new for longer, and in addition to that, it saves water and energy resources for good measure.



Project Tech: the reparable countertop

Project Tech is a bathroom countertop which meets any contract space need. As well as that, it is capable of self-regeneration by applying heat. Its high properties include antibacterial treatment, and resistance to: knocks, chemical products and high temperatures.

project tech


The Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower trays

Firstly, the Zen model from the Light Stone series is an extra-flat shower tray, which is lighter for easy transport and installation, and it comes with a hidden drain. Secondly, the Slate model allows for custom-made cutting. Both of them have been designed with all the technical specifications for maximum safety and hygiene. Features which make them suitable for contract projects, namely: thermal and chemical resistance, reparability, antibacterial, anti-slip resistance, high hardness and easy cleaning and maintenance.


WaterForest: hotels which save up to 89% of water

In the hotels of the future, technology is simplified and becomes a way of improving energy efficiency and contributing to sustainability. Systems with simple use and high comfort, which help hotels and people to be responsible without any effort at all.

WaterForest is Noken’s commitment to sustainability. It includes a range of products which help to save up to 89% of water, as well as energy savings and CO2 emission reductions. Real alternatives such as the ECO double flush systems for toilets, which allow a water flush to meet each need; thermostatic shower taps, which save more water and energy than the single lever shower mixers, and taps or shower heads that, without affecting people’s comfort, limit water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of the pressure. As well as that, the LED technology for mirrors and light fixtures are also a way of saving, since they consume up to 80% less energy, and they produce the same amount of light and also last longer.  

Solutions which also contribute to hotels obtaining the LEED and BREEAM certifications for sustainable buildings.


Round taps. Sustainability and aesthetics

The Round taps are the perfect example to show that we are able to get relevant water savings in hotels, as well as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by counting on just a single bathroom item.

Round is an excellent tap, since it saves on every last drop. The key is the cold-opening system. This is technology which allows the lever to be moved only to the left and it gives full temperature control with the automatic and corresponding energy saving. It has a flow limiter built in the single lever spout which limits water consumption to a maximum of up to 5 litres per minute. Bearing in mind that conventional taps offer about 12 litres per minute, water consumption is reduced by around 60%.



Noken is the bathroom equipment company from PORCELANOSA Grupo. From the very first moment after being founded in 2001, Noken has focused on designing bathroom pieces that improve people’s lives. Technology and functionality at the service of your needs.

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