Hotel equipment: bathrooms that balance quality and contemporary essence

Si cómo está configurado el diseño del baño es un factor clave para el huésped. Elige el mejor equipamiento para hoteles y triunfa en confort y bienestar.

When a guest enters a hotel for the first time, the first impression is paramount because there will be no second chances. The look of the hall or the common areas have a special influence, but, above all, what will determine a positive or negative opinion about the accommodation is the room design and how comfortable it is. Therefore, quality and design are two aspects to take into account when setting up the hotel equipment, especially regarding bedrooms and suites.

Quality is related to the easy maintenance, as well as how the selected elements will stand the continued use and, the passage of time. The design, meanwhile, is related to the style of the hotel, and determines how updated it is with respect to the latest trends in interior design. Aesthetics is a key factor for client comfort since, generally, we feel more comfortable in those spaces which make us feel good.


How to equip the bathroom of a hotel: the key to succeed in this 'important space'

If how a room is decorated and distributed is a key factor for a guest, the design and bathroom equipment is even more so. The bathroom is that place of relaxation and evasion, a space where we feel ourselves, a place for calmness and personal hygiene. The elements which make up the bathroom must be geared towards utility, as well as being aesthetically impeccable when offering five-star customer service. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is committed to the quality seal by the PORCELANOSA Grupo, to offer perfect options for bathroom equipment for hotels, in which the design is balanced to the max with quality and functionality.

Project Tech: high innovation in contract countertops

With the objective of offering innovative solutions for the contract bathroom sector, at the last 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition, Noken presented the Project Tech countertops. It is a design of high innovation and quality in countertops for hotels that can be selected in various sizes and finishes. From the 60cm countertop to the 80cm, 100cm and 120cm designs and even special finishes, all of this depends on the space available in the hotel bathroom for greater user comfort. Also, the different finishes available are black and grey for more modern and minimalist bathrooms and light oak, Project Wood, which is geared towards the most rustic or, Nordic bathroom designs in which authenticity and warmth prevail.



However, what stands out about the Project Tech worktops and what makes them ideal for contract are their technical characteristics. The work in R&D carried out by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms in this field has allowed for a new concept of countertop to be achieved, which is more pleasant to touch, as well as being resistant to dry heat, impacts, chemical products and even scratches, which allows for the thermal reparability of micro scratches. These countertops are also anti-fingerprint, antibacterial and easy to clean and maintain, which favours an optimal basin space. Noken's countertop basins such as the Lounge and Forma series or the Glove II washbasin, perfectly compatible with Project Tech, are proposed for these kinds of countertops.





Square Structures: excellence for industrial bathrooms

For more urban or industrial style bathrooms, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms presented another of its most outstanding and latest innovations at the last International Exhibition: Square structures. It is a structure with the fashionable finish, black matt, which includes a support shelf in an oak finish. Its suitability for hotel bathrooms is due to its high versatility, since it can be selected in different sizes and compositions. Whether it's a hotel with smaller bathrooms or the bathroom of a suite, the Square structure can be adapted perfectly to the space and the user's needs, creating a highly contemporary atmosphere. The perfect complement for this structure are the white matt and white gloss Square basins that are made of high quality ceramic, Noken Ceramic, which are 100% hygiene and easy cleaning.





Different options for hotel chain bathrooms that will make the guest’s stays unique, as well as always guaranteeing the most perfect of conditions.

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