Incorporating heated towel rails into your décor scheme: black, white or mirrored?

As the cold weather draws in, there's nothing like an invigorating hot shower at the end of the day to give you the ultimate in comfort. If you get a heated towel rail for your bathroom, you'll keep the whole room lovely and warm - and keep your towels and bathrobes dry.

More than a heated towel rail: part of your décor

These wall-mounted heaters take up hardly any space, so whether you go for one using your central heating, electricity supply or dual fuel, they're an easy addition to think about when you're designing your bathroom layout and furnishings. Having said that, you do need to think about installation to make sure you choose the right heated towel rail.

  • Centrally-heated towel rails: the pipes are connected to your central heating system, and will come on with the rest of your central heating system. These need to be installed by a professional.
  • Electric heated towel rails: you'll need an electricity supply for these, and they'll work independently from the rest of your central heating. Simply attach yours to the wall and plug it in.

And because every little design detail is carefully considered at Noken PORCELANOSA Group, you should see these stunning heated towel rails for the bathroom as an extension of your overall design scheme. The unique forms and exquisite finishes will add major character to your room, as well as being practical and functional.

  • Lis Reflex: extra-slim mirrored towel rail

Lis Reflex heated towel rails go far beyond keeping your bathroom warm. The design features a highly polished stainless steel surface, making it perfect for use as a practical full-length mirror. Plus, it's got an adjustable towel rail, so you can keep your towels and bathrobes warm and step out of the shower in comfort.


The ultimate in structural minimalism, this attractive radiator is also available in black for bathrooms with the all-black look.

  • Oxo: a black heated towel rail that's all about angular forms

The Oxo heated towel rail comes in a distinctive cutting-edge geometric design, with pure and straight linear forms that make this sculptural piece a decorative feature in itself. Available in matt black and anthracite finishes. It will lend your bathroom a current look, loaded with personality, whether set against a grey wall for that 'raw' aesthetic, or warm wood; a contrast sure to add character and a distinctly industrial look.



  • Round: a black heated towel rail with curves as the protagonists

The Round heated towel rail in black is the perfect example of the bold trend, combining a minimalist concept with soft forms: a smooth, elegant and sensory design.


Essence C: towel rail in black and white

Essence C towel rails breathe simplicity in every detail: a play on straight lines. The difference is in the detailing in this design, which comes in a larger size for more effective heating, and features a round hook where you can hang towels and bathrobes.



Delicate rounded corners run through the whole Essence-C collection, resulting in an original and unmistakable formal language. This heated towel rail comes in black, white or chrome to suit any style.

What height should your heated towel rail be mounted at?

We recommend mounting your bathroom heated towel rail so that the top of the piece is at around 1.7 metres high.

In terms of where to mount them, they're generally fitted to one of the walls closest to the shower or bath, for easy and practical access, and you should - where possible - install them to an exterior-facing wall.

If you're fitting an electric heated towel rail, always follow the regulations for installing electrical appliances in bathrooms, which means thinking about lighting in the room. Read our post on how to plan your bathroom where we discuss plug socket locations.

How much power do heated towel rails need?

As well as aesthetics and location, it's also important to know how much power you'll need for your bathroom space so you can be sure to choose the right heated towel rail.

For the calculation, we estimate you'll need 80 W for each square metre of space, and you should add 30% to compensate for the heat that the towels or bathrobes on the radiator will absorb.

For example: For a 7 m2 bathroom: 7 x 80 W = 560. Then add 30% of 560 which is 168 W. So 560 + 168 W = 728 W

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