Golden finishes revolutionise bathroom decoration

Golden finishes are coming back stronger than ever to take their place in the panorama of fashion and the design of all types of personal accessories. This is also an aesthetic trend which has made its impact on the sphere of interior design.

Synonymous with luxury and splendour, the seductive power of the colour gold leaves no one indifferent, and has attracted a great deal of attention in recent centuries. Many cultures and civilisations have used this material as a symbol of light and the sun, while in recent times golden colours have gone from being an occasional trend to becoming the latest fashion, and always staying contemporary.

Shining gold has become increasingly present in clothing, jewellery, handbags, and shoes, as well as in gadgets and personal electronic devices such as watches, and even smartphones, with one of the clearest examples of success being the recent golden iPhone, which has revolutionised the high-end mobile phone market.

Aware of this emerging demand, which has also spread among professionals and lovers of architecture and interior design, we at Noken are making a full range of taps, shower sets and bath accessories with golden finishes available to clients and end-users, allowing them to give their bathroom some distinguished and elegant features which are easily combined with other elements.

Golden finish versions of some of Noken’s main collections of fittings for washbasins, showers, showerheads and accessories, as well as the Future, Soft and Imagine series, are a clear display of Noken’s commitment to adapting to key trends in aesthetics and design.

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