Gold baths: the decorative luxury that makes the bathroom equipment exclusive

Las últimas tendencias en interiorismo conducen a optar por acabados en dorado para elementos o puntos concretos del diseño. En Noken te damos las claves.

Gold is a colour that is, with both fashion and decoration, an eternal 'must have'. Year after year, this exclusive finish, synonymous with luxury and sophistication arrives in the interior design to stay, but it does so in a particular subtle and practical way. With gold, ‘less is more', so to embellish and make the rooms sophisticated, it is best to reduce this tone to the minimum expression. The latest trends in interior design lead to finishes in gold for elements or specific design points. With bathrooms, for instance, it is possible to opt for it in taps and bathroom accessories that, beyond being essentially functional pieces, they gain prominence in becoming a neuralgic point of decoration.


Gold baths: the touch that it needs to stand out

The colour Gold in bathrooms suites and modern bathroom provides elegance and sophistication, classic luxury coming from the same houses linked to royalty. Its vintage charm blended with the current trends in design make bathroom equipment become reinvented and customized, making it a unique commitment with character.

Because there is nothing more luxurious than gold, that is why it appeals to luxury and uniqueness from the very same Premium houses. However, this tonality is highly adaptable and versatile, with it being combined in bathroom with other finishes such as steel, stone and wood, and even being adapted to various decorative styles, from more modern and avant-garde to more romantic, vintage and even a Mid-Century.

Chelsea: the bathroom collection that fuses geometry in a gold bath

As an innovative and loyal firm with regard to trends in bathroom equipment, Noken is committed to gold finishes for taps and showers with the single lever mixer, which brightens the bathroom up, as well as making bathroom design become elegant once more. But, in addition, and at the moment, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo does it by intermingling this trend with another one, the geometric tendency; through its Chelsea Bathroom collection.

This collection is inspired by the Bélle Époque and its classic and refined movement to create exclusive basins, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, showers and taps designs, the latter, in a golden tone and in a hexagonal shape. Its simple lines stress that practical and functional spirit that taps should have, but with a golden aesthetic splendour that catches everyone’s eye.

Regarding the shower set, consisting of a shower head and a single lever, this has a certain imperial style, with a hexagonal shower head and several set-up options. Made of stainless steel in gold, the Chelsea pack offers the user a unique shower experience through the SmartBox technology and the possibility of opting for Project Line in a built-in mixer system. Chelsea fistures is a option that undoubtedly allows for simplifying the design even further and diverting attention to the main attraction: the elements in gold.

Opting for them is making a commitment to character, exclusivity and warmth, the perfect ingredients for the bathroom space of today and tomorrow.

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