How to get the ultimate vintage bathroom

Eclecticism has become one of the keys to modern interior design. Vintage bathrooms refer to spaces that integrate the latest design and finishes, while harking back to more classic and retro styles.

Vintage bathrooms are a trend that is here to stay. This focus on nostalgia and the elegance of the past has captivated those who are looking for a unique feel in their bathrooms.

At Noken, we understand the importance of creating projects that reflect each user's personality and taste, which is why we offer all-in-one bathroom solutions that result in fantastic retro bathrooms that stand out for their charm and sophistication.

Key Elements for Vintage Bathrooms

Ideal bathtubs and washbasins for retro bathrooms

Freestanding bathtubs and washbasins with a pedestal or a countertop with a touch of craftsmanship are essential elements in vintage bathrooms.That's because they add charm and elegance to any space, turning it into an oasis of well-being.

Our bathtubs and washbasins are designed with attention to detail and high-quality materials to guarantee a unique and long-lasting experience.

Vintage bathroom furniture that will surprise you

Vintage furniture is essential for achieving a truly authentic atmosphere with nostalgic touches in your bathroom.

These stunning pieces combine the charm of the past with the functionality and comfort that today demands.

Retro wall tiles: Panelling and Tiles with a Touch of History

Retro tiles can take centre stage in a vintage bathroom. These decorative pieces add a touch of history and personality to any space.

Selecting tiles with geometric, floral or pastel designs takes users to the past, creating a welcoming feel full of authenticity.

Vintage Bathrooms: The Importance of Details

Taps and accessories are details that make a difference in bathrooms of any style. Opting for finishes with a certain aged appearance, such as brushed gold, as well as accessories with retro designs, enhances the vintage aesthetic of the room.

Lighting also plays a key role in creating sublime retro bathrooms. Choosing retro ceiling lamps and wall lamps with ornamental touches lets you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The right ambient lighting enhances the beauty of the elements and creates a unique experience. For this reason, you might be interested in taking a look at this post with tips for lighting up your bathroom.

[GET THE LOOK] Vintage bathrooms that break moulds

In keeping with the latest design trends, this retro bathroom opts for spaciousness and minimal bathroom furnishings. In turn, it relies on the vintage character of green tiles and panelling that brings the back of the room to life.

Thanks to its layout, it provides more privacy for the user, as the Arquitect floor bathtub with Lignage taps in brushed gold takes centre stage, giving this sculptural piece the prominence it deserves.

How you decorate a retro bathroom depends on many variables, such as style, available space, whether you want to go with a minimalist approach with simple elements, or, on the other hand, add splashes of colour, a decoration trend that's on the rise. You also have to choose practical pieces that make everyday things better, and decide whether to include a central design element. This retro bathroom meets all these requirements.

Some aspects that give it that luscious vintage air are:

  • The tiles go only as high as the wall lamps, with the rest of the walls in white.
  • The beautiful ceiling mouldings that add the finishing touch to the décor.
  • The brushed gold taps from the Lignage collection with a marble handle. 
  • And, as previewed, the Arquitect freestanding bathtub, also with brushed gold Lignage taps.

If you're looking for more inspiration to create your own retro bathroom, be sure to read this article entitled Back to the '70s with the bathrooms in Miriam Alía's new house.

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