Geometric simplicity: extend your bathroom design with the NK Logic collection

La colección NK Logic de Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, consigue que el espacio deje de ser un problema en el diseño de baños.

Bathroom space and comfort is a priority in its design, but not all toilets are equal; size or bathroom distribution can make the room feel smaller, and furthermore, a reduction regarding the feeling of well-being.


The NK Logic collection from Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, was created in response to this question, so that space would no longer be a problem in bathroom design.

Like some kind of building game, the NK Logic series shows both straight and simple lines, mostly cubic shapes, which adapt easily to any atmosphere thanks to its purity and its easy insertion measures.

The result of the use of the pieces from the series is capable of extending the visual space and providing the room with a feeling of both spaciousness and lightness. NK Logic also shows an elegant and sober image that achieves perfect harmony between functionality and beauty.

Sustainability and good taste regarding the choice of sanitaryware

The variety of sanitaryware offered by Nk Logic collection, allows the space to be adapted to the needs of each home. Thus, the wall hung sanitaryware enlarges the space and helps small bathrooms to be more comfortable and practical. Floor mounted sanitaryware offers a more classic and everyday image, adapting to any style and type of bathroom.

Also, Noken equipment is provided with the highest performance in terms of usefulness and sustainability, ensuring the maximum comfort and efficiency of their products with the aim of making every day easier and more pleasant for people.

Therefore, NK Logic sanitaryware includes the latest technology which is environmentally friendly, including in its sanitaryware the ECO discharge. This system helps to save both water and energy since it supports an alternate discharge route that reduces the volume of water down to 3 litres, which is 25% less than the usual mechanisms.

In addition, all its sanitaryware and bidets have SoftClose lids in order to maximize both safety and comfort, since they close smoothly and quietly thanks to the cartridges that slow down the closing.

Rest and relaxation in the shower

Elegant and sober style taps from this collection provide the bathroom with a sophisticated and classical look that induces both rest and relaxation. Pure and fine lines specially designed for achieving total peace in a shower experience.

The clean aerator, included in all NK Logic sanitaryware, also contributes to energy savings by reducing the rate to 6 litres from 12 litres per minute without altering the feeling of comfort in the shower because it is practically imperceptible. Thus, Noken also achieves significant energy savings since the heated water volume is lower.

With Nk Logic, Noken achieves once again the combining of simplicity with appeal in a collection that not only adapts to any bathroom but also it offers maximum efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

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