Geometry in the bathroom: balance and visual impact

Circles, triangles, points, straight lines... Geometry is present in nature and in everything we can see around us. It connects us to our most primitive and natural side, and therefore, beyond being mere shapes, geometric patterns convey balance and safety.

Taking advantage of geometric shapes in the bathroom to highlight certain elements is the best way to provide balance and visual impact in equal parts. How can we achieve this effect?

Bathroom fixtures can work in our favour in this regard. Let's see how we can take advantage of natural geometry to add high visual impact to the interior design of our bathroom.

Welcome to the magical universe of shapes.


Round washbasins

Through the pieces we select, we can communicate a lot in our bathroom. If we forget about the conventional shape we have always seen for washbasins, we find a wide variety of options.

For several years now, there has been a trend towards washbasins that are out of the ordinary: round washbasins, rectangular washbasins or square washbasins have become the best option for any bathroom.

Noken has a wide variety of washbasins in different geometric shapes. For example, the Slender washbasin model has been developed with an ultra-thin edge to enhance geometric purity and its delicate aesthetic.




Slender is a round 40 cm diameter washbasin and the perfect choice for any bathroom, thanks to the possibility of incorporating any of the different stone-inspired finishes: deep concrete, dark concrete or acero concrete, as well as metallic gold and copper finishes.


Geometry in taps: square taps

Another way to include geometrical shapes in the bathroom interior design is through taps. Square, angular, circular... There is a wide variety of shapes for taps. A geometric universe powered by the force of metal.

If we are looking to introduce angular shapes, the Square washbasin taps are an option that also offers a multitude of variations, as they have a wide range of finishes: chrome, brushed titanium, matt black and brushed copper.




In addition, the Oxo taps have an aerodynamic shape that is designed for bathrooms with a futuristic style, available in black, chrome or brushed titanium finishes.




If you prefer a circular tap, you can opt for the Lignage models, designed by Ramón Esteve, or the Round taps.




Oval bathtubs and square bathtubs

Geometry is not only limited to tiles, washbasins or taps. We can find geometric figures in other bathroom elements.

In its different finishes and styles for all tastes, Noken has a wide variety of bathtubs that will bring a geometric touch to the bathroom.

The curved lines of the oval bathtubs convey softness and elegance. The most notable models include Lounge Oval, Liem, Arquitect, Tono and Koan.



Free-standing bathtub in Finish Studio


On the other hand, square bathtubs have a magnetism that few bathroom fixtures can convey. At Noken, we have the Soleil and Pure Line models as the main exponents of this symmetrical and linear style of bathtub.


Round toilets

Toilets also understand geometry. The Acro Compact toilet combines straight lines at the top, with a slight oval curve in the lower section. A toilet that not only lends the bathroom a much more sophisticated look, but will make cleaning much easier thanks to its simple lines and the fact that it is wall-hung.




As we have seen, geometric shapes in the bathroom can covey many sensations. Balance, peace of mind and symmetry, which transform any bathroom into a unique and comfortable place.

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