Gate Towers. Spectacular and functional bathrooms

Date: 24 may 2016

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The project: Gathering spectacular nature and functionality together has been the aim of an ambitious project in Abu Dhabi, to be precise, on the island of Al Reem. We move to the Gate Towers, an impressive building accommodating a total of 3500 residential housings and furthermore, forming a part of the skylinein this growing city.

The Gate Towers, thanks to its concept of excellence and brilliance, has been ableto set itself up as one of the most iconic projects that Noken, the firm specialised in bathroom equipment by PORCELANOSA Grupo, has taken part in regarding the United Arab Emirates.

The architects and interior designers in charge of making this ambitious project realhave opted for the equipment quality of the firm regarding the bathroom design. Its luxury housings are fitted with bathroom solutions which combine a supreme functionality with a unique design.

Therefore, the selected products in the Gate Towers meet the most demanding of guests’ requirements and provide spaces with both peace and seclusion, like in bathrooms with high comfort. Among them it is worth highlighting materials such as the Azor basin, a recessed model which, when installed on a wall hung item, embraces the basin furniture and enhances its design, making it even more attractive.

With regard to sanitarywares, the NK Compact pans stand out because of their high functionality. A product which proves that a simple practical design, which ensures a high durability in the installation can perform in perfect harmony with the sophistication of the rest of the interior design.

The result obtained produces a set of bathroom solutions which ensures the success of this magnificent project which makes a striking impression, in the daring architecture of Abu Dhabi City.