From FOMO to JOMO: the joy of missing out on something and saving time intelligently

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) phenomenon is being replaced by JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), a healthier way of living that calls on us to live more intentionally, spending time only on the important things and improving our wellbeing.

In our fast-paced and hyperconnected world that governs the way we live today, with many stimuli assaulting our senses, it has become necessary to learn to decide what to do and when to do it. Learning to disconnect and reconnect. Learning to 'miss out' as positive therapy.

In response to FOMO, the 'fear of missing out', JOMO has emerged, the philosophy that proposes greater control and a more intentional existence. It teaches us to regulate our attention and make better use of time, rejecting those social opportunities that are not relevant and dedicating time and effort to those that are nourishing for us.

Some of the beneficial practices within the JOMO philosophy call on us to:

  • Occasionally disconnect from social networks and other digital distractions
  • Deactivate notifications on our mobile devices
  • Live in the moment... your moment
  • Take advantage of downtime as creative therapy
  • Find the space and the moment, and create a ritual that allows you to recover time for yourself
  • Find time for relaxation and incorporate wellness technology into your bathroom


Noken Care System for bathtubs: heal your skin and let it breathe

Solutions such as our Noken bathtub Noken Care System draw on the healing and regenerative properties of water. A wellness treatment of oxygen microbubbles that offers a unique bathtub experience. Thanks to the enrichment of water with oxygen, 100% pure water without additives is obtained, achieving optimal oxygenation, regeneration and hydration of the skin.




This system accelerates the skin's cellular metabolism. The more oxygen the skin receives, the better it looks, as dead skin cells are replaced by new ones. It also activates our body's production of collagen. This occurs thanks to the formation of bubbles that penetrate the skin in an optimal way, promoting the natural creation of collagen, a natural firming agent that helps reduce wrinkles in the skin and make it glow. By producing collagen in our bodies, the results in terms of improving the condition of our skin last a long time.



In addition to rejuvenation and optimising the skin's condition, the new Noken Care system increases serotonin levels. The more serotonin we have, the better our wellbeing, and it also has a positive impact on our night's sleep. Therefore, Care is a system that helps us to slow down our everyday rhythm and it contributes to better psychological wellbeing, also helping to improve the quality of our night's sleep.

The system can be incorporated into some of the bathtub models: Tono, Liem, SP One XL, Minimal XL or Soleil. To activate all these benefits, it is advisable to take a bath lasting at least 20 minutes.



Heal your skin, let it breath

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