Freestanding Lounge Square Bathtubs: geometry and minimalism

En línea con las tendencias en interiorismo, Noken presenta, entre su abanico de productos para el equipamiento de baños, la bañera exenta Lounge Square.

The most classic and minimalist bathroom design returns to the present and it is done by using the most elegant freestanding bathtubs.

In line with the hottest trends in interior design, Noken presents, among its range of products for bathroom equipment, the freestanding Lounge Square bathtub.

Both geometric and dynamic due to its rounded edges, this freestanding bathtub model is a perfect choice for maxi style bathrooms and also for simple and delicate ones. It is a bathtub design that is as surprising as it is sober, subtle too, together with being very elegant without any visible joints. Its comfort, which has been opted for as the preferred choice for a modern bathroom lies in its great depth, as well as in its generous interior dimension and ergonomic support. In short, a stylish but sober bathtub design, capable of giving you a bathing experience that is not only relaxing and unique, but also quite unforgettable.

Enjoy the advantages of freestanding bathtubs

As a freestanding bathtub, the Lounge square model also has the advantages of such bathtubs. Besides easy maintenance and cleaning, without the unnecessary elements that obstruct the access to it, the freestanding bathtubs can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Choose your favourite corner, more illuminated or with better views, you can quite easily place a freestanding bathtub anywhere since it does not depend on electronic equipment. In addition, installation is simple, and also allows it to be carried out on any type of floor tile, without the worry of any type of damage being done.

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