Freestanding bathtubs: a bathtub for every bathroom style

Las bañeras exentas Noken con sus sugerentes diseños y formas instauran un ambiente de lujo, relax y estilo único a cualquier espacio.

Designed to be admired, freestanding bathtubs with their suggestive designs and shapes, provide an atmosphere of luxury, relaxation and unique style to any space. Something that makes them one of the most important structural pieces in contemporary bathrooms.

With the aim of creating atmospheres and solutions that adapt to all kinds of decorative styles and needs, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, creates a wide range of bathtubs, offering everything from classic styles with a renewed character, to other cutting-edge and contemporary ones which combine with fluid and organic shapes.

Freestanding bathtubs evoked to offer people a feeling of warmth and comfort while enjoying a relaxing bath, and whose main attribute is versatility, since it can be installed in any area of the bathroom, without the necessity of being put next to a wall.

Classicism with the freestanding Antic Duo bathtub.

Immersion in the renewed classical essence

After 70 years in the wilderness, the freestanding bathtub with legs has become one of the most in demand pieces in bathroom interior designs. But this time with innovative materials and designs, as well as more refined lines and shapes.

The Antic Duo bathtub is capable of transforming any bathroom into a distinguished atmosphere. Its classic-inspired design is ideal for spaces that seek to create a sophisticated atmosphere with a vintage character. Made of cast iron, this model is available with its shell in white, burgundy, navy blue and black.


Futurism with Vitae, by Zaha Hadid

Naturalness joins the future of the bathroom

The implementation of space, ergonomics and infinite lines of the futuristic trend have entered the bathrooms with designs which combine great technology with those inspired by essentialism.

Searching for naturalness, Zaha Hadid and her current architecture studio designed the Vitae collection. A series in which its impressive bathtub inspired by the movement and continuous flow of water stands out. Liquid modernity with high levels of exclusivity and personality.


Create a SPA with Soleil Square

The welcoming warmth of a wellness space

Bathrooms have become an ideal escape for everyday use. A place where we leave stress behind, as well as getting rid of dirt caused by pollution, a place where dedicating time to ourselves is the only thing that matters. For this reason, interior decoration inspired by the warmth and harmony that is usually associated with a SPA is used more and more.

Soleil Square bathtub by Noken in a square format combined with a decoration in which ceramic wood predominates; it will perfectly recreate a renewable atmosphere of peace and quiet.


XL Minimalism with Pure line and Lounge

Simplicity and maximalist practicality of minimalist lines

The purity of minimalism keeps pace with decorative trends in bathrooms. Beyond clean formats and pure angles, and it is committed to the intuitive use, simplicity and maximum practicality of the user.

In the wide range of bathtubs by Noken, we find two designs that respond to the minimalist trend requirements at its best: the Pure Line and Lounge bathtubs. While the first is characterized by a careful timeless aesthetic and a sinuous language of shapes; the Lounge bathtub stands out for its geometry, its rounded edges, the absence of visible joints and its generous interior dimension and ergonomic backrest.

Extreme style and simplicity capable of enhancing any part of your bathroom with a delicate and sophisticated atmosphere.

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