Forma: Responsible consumption in the bathroom

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Being aware of the importance of preserving the environment through daily gestures, at Noken we have extended our Forma collection with a new series of bathroom fittings designed to contribute to a more responsible consumption.

The hard work of our research and development team, aimed at environmental responsibility, has made the technological development of these fittings possible, incorporating a turn-on cold system and an ECO aerator to create one of our most sustainable solutions.

Firstly, the new turn-on cold system in the Forma fittings helps to reduce consumption of hot water, with the corresponding energy savings which this brings. In contrast to traditional models in which the central position gives mixed temperature water, the system in the Forma fittings only allows hot water to run when the mixer tap is in the left position, only giving cold water when the tap is turned on in the central position.

Additionally, thanks to the ECO aerator which mixes the water with air, the tap maintains water pressure with a lower consumption, reduced to a maximum of 5.7 litres per minute – almost 60% less than the 122 litres per minute of conventional taps.

The new fittings by Noken are designed with the simple but suggestive lines of the Forma collection, where straight lines and curves are combined to achieve an elegant and refined appearance, perfectly adaptable to atmospheres of any style.