Forma: lightness and sustainability to seduce contemporary bathroom design

Crear sensación de ligereza en el diseño de baños es posible. Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, lo consigue con la serie Forma.

Creating a sense of lightness in the bathroom is possible. Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, achieves this with one of its most serene and sinuous collections, the Forma series.

The more complex and modern our world becomes, the more we crave a new and 'emotional' view of things. Forma, with its current design, responds to all of this, satisfying the practical minimalism with its functionality, and its curved shapes and rounded corners. In addition, its attractive finishes and subtle luxury make the collection ideal for those who don´t look for prestige but prefer maximum day to day comfort in a cozy and functional bathroom.

Forma Sanitaryware: lightness and practicality first and foremost

The Forma collection shows ceramic elements with rounded edges that complete a timeless bathroom design, while seducing and providing the aesthetics with softness. These unmistakable and refined lines are present in the Forma collection sanitaryware, presented in a practical wall hung version. Once again, the lightness as a whole is transmitted through the sanitaryware and bidets, which to the eye appear to be floating. Practicality, meanwhile, is done by its design, reduced to the minimum, the ease of maintenance and cleaning and the SoftClose low-noise closing, the latter, in the case of the sanitaryware.

Forma Taps. sustainability as a commitment to the future

Noken responds to the challenge of saving water and energy with its Forma collection for bathroom equipment. A collection that is the result of PORCELANOSA Grupo’s commitment to environmental responsibility, through the guidance of its R & D Departments towards sustainability.

The Forma taps contribute both to respecting the environment and achieving a higher sustainability on a daily basis by means of two innovations: the cold opening system taps and the ECO aerator.

The cold opening system only allows the cold water to run when a tap from the Forma collection is turned on in mid-position, far different from the standard single lever mixer, where both the hot and cold water flow in mid-position. By using Forma, in order to get hot water to run, the user has to move the lever to the left, only when desired, and this results in a huge saving of energy.

With regard to the ECO aerator, it goes hand in hand with the shower heads. By means of a flow limiter, special nozzles and air incorporation, the water consumption can be reduced without compromising comfort. Furthermore, energy saving is achieved and we get less amounts of CO2 emissions.

Forma basins. Comfort day by day

The basin from the Forma collection is one that is manufactured with a high-quality porcelain, providing high durability and practical maintenance. Furthermore, it is completed with a basin countertop which allows the user more comfort in the bathroom. This basin and countertop pack adds another item, which is a piece of wall-hung furniture  with both fine opening and depth, thus, favouring the arrangement and enhancing the storage capacity.

Forma is, without any doubt whatsoever, the perfect integral solution for modern bathrooms, which seek both comfort and user-friendliness. It is equipment which exudes subtlety, and furthermore, it is environmental-friendly.

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