Forma: the unit of choice for organisation lovers

Tidiness guru Marie Kondo has taught us to appreciate units with excellent storage capacity, well-organised drawers and the sense of calm we get from a world free of excessive amounts of 'stuff'.

Forma, much more than a bathroom unit

Forma bathroom units have landed in the Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms catalogue, bringing the calm and ordered ambience we need in a space dedicated to wellbeing and self-care.

The countertop is resistant against scratches, and can be heat-treated to repair any micro-scratches, giving the product added functionality and durability.


Forma toilet and unit (Almond finish)

Because as Marie Kondo would say, there's nothing like picturing yourself living in a space where every element sparks joy... And now, with Forma bathroom furnishings, you're one step closer to making it a reality.

Forma: storage and design go hand-in-hand

Noken marks a return to the concept of order with this unique design that opens centrally as well as at both sides.

Extra storage can be found in the revolving mirror with several shelves for storing everyday products.


 Forma unit  (Forest finish) 

Bathroom furnishings with the perfect splash of colour

Add colour to the bathroom with finishes such as Merlot red, Forest green and Almond beige, injecting this versatile and hard-wearing bathroom unit with personality.

ProjectTech countertop technology has given Noken the power to give bathroom unit surfaces a smooth, chemical-resistant, antibacterial and anti-scratch finish, so customers can just relax and enjoy their bathroom routine.


Forma unit (Merlot finish)

The finishing touch for your bathroom

Our tip: complement it with the special edition Forma bathroom taps, with handles in the same finish as your unit. For an unrivalled look.

The Forma tap range has been updated with new finishes, without sacrificing its sustainable soul.

forma-furnitureForma taps (Merlot finish)

Our Noken Eco Flow system limits the flow, reducing water consumption without any impact on comfort or the stunning design. Noken Eco Start, meanwhile, saves energy in the home.

As you can see, Forma bathroom solutions offer you endless possibilities for your bathroom project... And, if you're looking for more inspiration, don't miss: Bathroom renovation ideas for a new-look space.

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