Five tips that will redefine the refurbishment of your bathroom

Descubre los cincos secretos mejor guardados para reformar tu baño de manera original colaborando con el ahorro y la sostenibilidad medioambiental.

The refurbishment of a bathroom is one of the most premeditated and thought out decisions for the home since it is a space used on a daily basis, and whose renovation sometimes leads to an important economic outlay, as well as being a big headache. But it is true that the bathroom is one of the atmospheres that provides greater well-being and harmony to those using it, so it is also one of the most rewarding and compensatory refurbishments.

If you have decided to renovate your bathroom, you must develop approaches to achieve a bathroom that responds not only to your aesthetic requirements but also to the needs of your day to day life. As specialists in bathroom equipment, we know that developing a bathroom from its base enhances its decorative and organisational possibilities, giving character and practicality, as well as collaborating in savings and environmental sustainability.

#1 What measurements does my bathroom have?

Before you digress into decorative matters, it is very important to take the measurements of your bathroom accurately. One of the most enriching exercises when studying new distributions is to draw the dimensions of your bathroom on a blank sheet and imagine the different combinations that can be put together. After discarding the tests that do not convince you or that are technically unfeasible, you may find a new distribution that best suits your tastes and needs.

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With the defined distribution, it is possible to opt for furniture and bathroom equipment that enhance the space. If there is enough space, you can make a commitment to a double basin or two washbasin units from the Hotels collection or a double access shower to maximize its width.

If, by contrast, your bathroom is small in size, you can opt for compact collections such as Urban-C, whose urban style designs have minimal dimensions that make the most of space with an imposing visual lightness.

#2 Bathtub or shower?

Opting for a bathtub or a shower is the eternal dilemma in any bathroom refurbishment. If the dimensions of your bathroom allow you, you have the possibility of including freestanding bathtubs, one of the most cutting-edge trends regarding bathtubs. If you advocate a minimalist style, the Lounge bathtub with its infinite lines and rounded edges will provide an elegant touch to your bathroom with a design reduced to the minimum. If you want to create a bathroom of sensations, opt for a whirltub as a way to reconnect with the everyday peace and quiet.

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Despite the possibilities offered by a bathtub, there are more and more people making a commitment to the practicality of a shower tray, since it allows a better use of space and greater comfort in the daily shower experience. Try to level the shower tray at ground level, include textures and even finishes that simulate stone and natural wood.

Despite the possibilities offered by a bathtub, there are more and more people making a commitment to the practicality of a shower tray, since it allows a better use of space and a greater comfort in the daily shower experience. Try to place and position the shower tray at ground level, including textures and even finishes that simulate stone and natural wood.

Also, choose among the many possibilities, that the equipment in revitalizing showers offers today, designed for total personal well-being which even allows for creating a spa at home. 

#3 What kind of bathroom equipment and furniture should I include?

A careful selection of the sanitaryware, taps, shower head, and even accessories is crucial when setting up a bathroom that denotes harmony as a whole, which respond to the same global concept requirements when creating bathrooms with that personal seal. For greater visual cleaning, it is possible to include wall-mounted pieces.

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Thanks to Smart Box technology, built-in units can be included for the basin, shower and bathtub by means of an easy installation, offering greater freedom for design, and use to the end user.

The furniture with a built-in basin is also an ideal resource when designing a bathroom with storage and one that looks clean at a visual level. The versatility, functionality and use of the bathroom furniture space, such as the Lounge collection, will allow you to have everything you need at hand and help find what you need at once.

#4 Functional or aesthetic bathrooms?

The dilemma between style and functionality disappears in the collections offered by Noken that combine elegance and comfort, since they look for transcending the laws of architecture and design. This is the case with the NK Concept collection or the Vitae collection, created by Zaha Hadid and inspired by the movement of water.

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An element that will bring comfort to your day to day life when keeping your bathroom clean without any effort are the removable seats. They are disengaged with a gentle pull and they guarantee the ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene for the ceramic. Following this premise, Noken ceramic technology responds to pure and high quality sanitary ceramic requirements whose properties, besides providing all types of equipment with easy maintenance and cleaning, it provides even more distinction thanks to its soft texture and comfort.

#5 Are sustainable bathrooms an investment for the future?

Finally, one of the most fashionable aspects is sustainable designs. Design and sustainability have never been so united as they are now. Cold water opening taps or ECO cartridges are part of the Noken Eco-design commitment in which early planning of the development process ensures the selection of environmentally friendly materials, minimizing risks and achieving a high level of equipment efficiency. In this way, not only is the environment taken care of, but also important savings and future investments.

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