Finish Studio: customised sanitary pieces

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 04 mar 2020

Finish Studio is the new service which allows customised sanitary pieces to be created. An exclusive work for each project and whose result reminds us of tailoring work. Bathtubs, basins and shower trays take on new skins, blending in with other surfaces and textures.

Customisation. Perfection. Finish Studio are unique pieces. We are dealing with the perfect combination of innovation, a careful selection of materials and a production process in which every detail counts. The obtained result is ceramic pieces with natural colours, a pleasant touch and a unique performance regarding resistance.

Shower Trays Finish Studio

The Slate shower tray series is customised through digital printing by using cutting edge UV-LED ink with any ceramic finish which is available in the catalogue from Porcelanosa, Venis and Urbatek.



Basins Finish Studio

Through a highly complex customisation process, the Finish Studio service is applied to the basins of the round Slender series, which become the canvas to apply the following finishes: Botega Acero, Verbier Dark, Botega Caliza, Berna, Gold, Copper and Titanium, weathered Black and Ferroker, by means of two types of processes: decal and paint. 

The hand-painted ceramic basins are unique pieces which require high technical knowledge, as well as a sensitivity from the artisan who develops them, who not only manages to customise the piece at a visual level but also in terms of touch.

A unique and non-transferable result.





Bathtub Finish Studio

Finish Studio is applied in any colour of the RAL pattern to any bathtub model from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms in its panel through a handmade production process of high human value, coming with an interior in white. As well as that, it allows for the introduction of textures like slate.