Evening rituals: the bathroom for a refreshing sleep

The day ends and our rhythm relaxes. We bank on bathroom designs which take us towards a refreshing sleep.

The day usually ends at the same point where we started it. But, although we spent time in the same rooms: the bathroom and the bedroom; what actually happens in there is quite different. We forget about controlling time, and we look for moments of relaxation which take us away from the stress that builds up during the day.

The bath ritual is one of these moments. An ancient experience which has taken place in spaces as diverse as those Roman baths, a Japanese sentos, a Arab hammam and Maya cleansing.

Immersing ourselves the water at the end of the day renews and transforms us. Having a bath has become a daily baptism which connects us with ourselves and leads us to the origin of life.


How to design a bathroom for a refreshing sleep

Today, the ritual of having a bath is a relaxation habit, and it has become a trend which gains more and more followers thanks to Instagram. It is one of the most photogenic moments on the social network, together with care routines and standout bathroom designs.

Although our bathrooms do not have as many metres as those old public toilets, we do have the technology and resources to create the ideal atmosphere which will accompany us to a rejuvenating end to the day.

The bathroom design must be versatile: not only practical and calmful for a smooth and pleasant awakening; it must also have Wellness elements preceding a peaceful and refreshing sleep.

Creating the perfect atmosphere lies in a thorough design process: the distribution of space, the material selection, the colours and textures; as well as equipment and technology which encourage personal care. Also, we do not forget about careful lighting, decor details and elements which contribute to creating the desired atmosphere.


1. The bathtub, next to a window

A spot which can be idyllic and relaxing. A luxury we can adopt if we have enough space and a low window.


bañera pure line 

Pure Line



2. Take advantage of the benefits of hydrotherapy


Water is the driving force of nature. Hydrotherapy activates and restores the flow of body energy. It balances blood pressure, revitalises, relieves pain and balances our temperature, whether in a shower or bathtub. 

Through the combination of whirlpool baths, Wellness shower heads and shower columns, we can create renewing spaces.

The Wellness Sensations bathtub equipment has designs which bank on a complete bathing experience where the machine connects and interacts with people to offer a revitalising and relaxing bath. 

Among the equipment, we find the relaxing effects of hydrotherapy with massage, chromotherapy and music therapy programs: bubbles, water jets, colours and sounds; functions which are combined in the different types of available equipment: Hydro, Air, Air +, Fusion, Evolution and Music.


bañera equipamiento soleil noken



3. Enjoy a bath full of colours and aromas with chromotherapy and aromatherapy


You can opt for a simple beauty bath, with salts and aromatic oils, or coloured bubbles.

Chromotherapy helps emotional balance. While cold colours relax us, warm colours suggest vitality. According to experts, 30 minutes will be enough.

The Wellness Showers shower head range activate different sensory experiences through outlets, namely: rain, cascade, water column or nebuliser; which mixes water and air, creating an enveloping effect. This harmonises and combines colour with the different types of water outlets in shower heads or whirlpool baths.

If you also bank on aromatherapy features with aromatic rituals, using essential oils in the bath, foams, scrubs or moisturisers; you can get great health and beauty benefits. Some fragrances offered by our systems are energising, relaxing and floral; a dry and comprehensive system characterised by the use of durable and small spare parts, manageable and easy to store. Close your eyes and just breathe.


4. Would you rather have a shower? These are the key points for that perfect shower

The importance of choosing the perfect shower is often rather underestimated. Although showering habits are very personal, we bank on equipping this area with the very best products, to be able to fully enjoy relaxation and wellness moments.


Pack Lounge:




Pack Round Black: 



Routines for the end of the day

Sleep is a vital source of wellness. Hence, experts recommend ending the day with habits which calm us, improving our sleep as a way to improve our health. These are some of the practices that we can adopt:


  1. Plan the day in advance and this will help us reach the end of it with a little time to devote to ourselves.
  2. Have a light and balanced dinner, and a relaxing infusion afterwards.
  3. Create a relaxed atmosphere: reduce the intensity of the light, turn off screens and reduce the use of electronic devices two hours before going to sleep; habits which will improve our relaxation levels.
  4. Have a shower or a relaxing bath that reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone. You can include healing technology, namely: hydrotherapy, chromotherapy or aromatherapy.
  5. Respect, as much as possible, the cycles of light and dark, and sleep at night.
  6. Go to bed a little earlier. Sleep between 7 and 9 hours in order to rest properly and to stay in good health.


urban black ducha noken

Urban black


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