The first edition of the Noken MAGAZINE has arrived

Category: News
Date: 02 nov 2017

We enter the world of bathrooms, thanks to the first edition of the Noken MAGAZINE, an editorial piece which is inspired by pure design and in which the latest trends in bathroom spaces can be found. Pages from a magazine dedicated to innovation, interior design, architecture and cutting-edge technology.

In this six-monthly magazine, Noken will put the necessary elements within reach of design enthusiasts for the creation of a bathroom space full of relaxation and privacy. A place in which to get that all important perfect balance between the mind and the body.

Bathrooms of exquisite taste which offer styles that are so varied like that of vintage inspiration, or cutting-edge trends with distinctive and futuristic designs. Shapes, volumes, colours and materials which make each element a quite unique piece.

On the first few pages of this edition, we can find some of this season’s most highlighted projects. Restaurants and hotels where bathrooms from Noken are accessories to the most luxurious gastronomical and wellness experiences in the world. A most pleasant tour around the Lakasa Restaurant, the Viñas de Larrede Hotel in Huesca, the Felicien Hotel in Paris and the Chablé and Spa Resort in the Caribbean. The latter, which is considered as being "the best hotel in the world 2017" is precisely where Noken has provided its pragmatic approach, along with the beauty of outstanding collections such as: Forma, Urban C, Lounge or NK Logic.

Further on, the magazine emphasises the firm's tireless work in innovation when developing materials and designs which are sensitive to change and new lifestyles. High quality ceramics or intelligent sanitaryware are some of the innovations that are dealt with in the magazine. Finally, it also allows us to get to know a little bit more about some of the world leaders in architecture, such as Luis Vidal and Richard Rogers; as well as feeling inspired through atmospheres which recreate the essence of some of the most unique cities in the world like Dubai, London or Milan.

Enter the world of bathroom design through the first edition of the Noken MAGAZINE, which can be downloaded here.