Immerse yourself in a world of sensations with the new equipment for Wellness Sensation baths

Realzar la estética del baño sin olvidar la usabilidad de cada pieza. Bajo esta premisa, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms presenta sus nuevos equipamientos de bañera Wellness Sensations. Diseños que apuestan por una experiencia de baño completa donde la “máquina” conecta e interactúa con el usuario para ofrecerle un baño revitalizador y relajante.

Designs that opt for a complete bathroom experience where the "machine" connects and interacts with the user to offer a revitalising and relaxing soak in the bath.


Technology adapted to your daily life

Despite being cutting-edge technology, the new equipment is designed to adapt to people's needs, as well as making their lives easier.

To do this, whirlpool bathtubs incorporate a control system in which the simplicity of selection and its related functions are key to making their use easy. Technology designed in backlit glass with keys which change colour depending on the selected programme.


The rebirth of the bathroom experience

The new bathtubs are available in different combinations: Hydro, AIR, Fusion, AIR +, Evolution and Music. Programmes that provide different types of massages which, revolutionise the bathroom experience with hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy techniques.




Done by experts, these include colours and a combination of intensities and water movements for each moment of the day. A world of wellness built on emotional and physical health. As well as that, they have positive effects on blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and on people’s frame of mind, too.


MUSIC model: music for the senses

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, it is possible to connect any device directly with the bathtub and play the same vibration of the music in the water. A massage which, is 100% customised to the user.

Noken goes further in developing experiential bathtubs where design and technology create the perfect symbiosis in order to offer that perfect bath, as well as establishing a balance between the body and the mind.

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