Noken ECO Conscious taps, in special finishes

Eco Conscious taps are part of the sustainable WaterForest label, and they make it possible to save up to 89% of water.

WaterForest is a sustainable commitment from Noken. The label is shown on all products and solutions that reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact. The label facilitates LEED and BREEAM certification for sustainable buildings, achieving water savings of up to 89% in housing, restaurant, and hotel developments, and rationalising electricity consumption. With its R&D&I department, the company has developed a series of sustainable and smart solutions with technology and respect for the environment as key priorities, such as the Air Eco technology for rain showers and hand showers, with which you save up to 70% of water; the cold-start systems for taps, which help to control energy costs, as well the level of carbon dioxide heaters and boilers emit when water is heated; or the ECO WaterForest aerators for taps, which limit the flow and can save up to 89% of water. grifo-eco-rociador-Neptune-Slim-noken

Our Neptune Slim showerhead with rain function achieves consumption of 6 litres/min when the AIR ECO flow limiter is added (available for 15 and 20-cm models)


Our Round taps illustrate how a simple change in tap can achieve significant water savings throughout a hotel, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Round taps with cold-start feature and a flow rate of 5 litres/min, compatible with the ECO aerator up to 2 litres/min. In black finish

ECO Conscious taps in special finishes

Harmonious bathroom design, with integral aesthetics and design, has become a key trend that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Our latest designs demonstrate a commitment to creating functional pieces that can be customised, as we can see in the growing use of new metallic finishes in gold, copper, black and titanium. New aesthetic options for bathroom taps, rain showers and accessories. Premium looks that raise the value of the pieces in the bathroom without losing sight of sustainability, while avoiding ostentation. Our special finishes are manufactured with PVD (Physical Vapour Depository), achieving a more durable finish than others. Noken's chrome finish is also distinctive. Maximum Chrome guarantees the beauty, durability and optimum resistance of the chrome finish, thanks to rigorous controls and daily monitoring during the chrome plating process to ensure optimum nickel and chrome thicknesses for each piece. grifo-eco-round-square-noken

Exclusive finishes in Round and Square taps, both with a 5l/min flow limiter.


Lignage taps in gold, designed by Ramón Esteve, with a 5 litre/min limiter, compatible with the application of an ECO aerator that limits the flow rate to 1.3 litres/min, saving up to 89%. Compatible aerators in ECO or Spray ECO versions


Vitae in white finish. The taps designed by Zaha Hadid limit the flow to 5 litres/min.


Tono, designed by Foster+Partners, in titanium and with a 5.68 litre/min limiter.

WaterForest, a more social design

Design guides, shapes, limits and orients our way of relating to reality. Product design can be a facilitator of new consumer habits, and positive social and environmental changes, changes to which we as a company now have the responsibility to contribute. WaterForest is born out of this responsibility applied to bathroom design and the use of resources made by the user in this space. It involves a rethinking of the design function, going beyond the traditional User Centered Design (design in response to people's needs) to propose a social design, a way of introducing responsible behaviours with global benefits.

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