ECO aerators for taps

ECO aerators can reduce water consumption by up to 89%. Discover them!

Our natural resources are limited and most people are unaware of how much they waste every day. According to data from the National Statistics Institute, in 2016 average household water consumption was 136 litres per person per day, only 1.5 litres of which were for drinking.

73% of the water in a household is consumed in the bathroom and, to avoid waste, we have developed products that contribute to a more rational use of natural resources.

With ECO aerators consumption can be reduced by between 41% and 89%. They also save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


What is an aerator and how does it work?

An aerator is a small component that is fitted in the spout of the tap.

The aerator directs the flow of water, and functions as a filter. It contains a type of mesh that mixes water with air bubbles to make the flow appear more abundant. There are two types of aerators: standard models and ECO aerators, which limit the flow of water and reduce consumption. 

ECO aerators limit the flow to a maximum number of litres per minute, regardless of pressure, without detracting from user comfort. While a standard tap consumes 12 litres/minute, with ECO WaterForest aerators consumption can be reduced to 1.3 litres/minute, a saving of 89%. The OCU consumer organisation considers that there is an excessive use of water when a tap allows a maximum flow of more than 8 litres/min.

Our ECO aerators are available in 7 litres/min., 5 litres/min, 3.5 litres/min. and 1.3 litres/min. versions.

The ECO aerator range includes a Spray version that provides a spray without splashing. Consumption can be as low as 2 litres/min., reducing water consumption by 70%-83% compared to a conventional aerator.

The Spray model is available in 3.5 litres/min. or 2 litres/min. versions.


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Advantages of the ECO aerator

  • A convenient way to save up to 89% on water
  • Easy installation using a spanner or fitting by hand


How to choose the right aerator

Our flow limiters are compatible with many taps on the market and can be installed in washbasins, bidets, outdoor showers, hand held showers, sprinklers and kitchen taps. When choosing the aerator, we need to know whether it is for a male or female spout fitting, the type of tap and its diameter. 


How to install or change an aerator

Aerators are simple to install and no professional assistance is required. They are simply screwed into or unscrewed from the opening of the spout. 



Maintenance of tap aerators

Aerators require minimal maintenance to remove particles of dirt or grit that may obstruct the flow of water and reduce the efficiency of the tap.

To clean it, simply remove it and dip it in vinegar. This will remove any traces of limescale and accumulated dirt.

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