Discovering… Simone Micheli. Defining design at Denver Design Week

PORCELANOSA Grupo en Denver tuvo el placer de contar con Simone Micheli en el célebre evento Denver Design Week. Allí nos habló de diseño de baños.

“The human being returns to being the centre of their space, the only character in the habitat, whose frame of mind expresses a harmonious continuity which interacts peacefully with users”.

At this event, Italian designer Simone Micheli defines the concept of the modern bathroom. It is a bathroom which has today become a notable room in the home, the ideal place for seeking the maximum relaxation and comfort. Therefore, the design and the relevance of the designer’s work revolve around suggesting an experiential nirvana which awakes the senses, without forgetting the elegance and functionality of the fittings.

With Lounge, the bathroom collection that he designed for Noken, both aspects are combined. It encompasses exquisite Italian refinement, without forgetting the simplicity and practicality necessary for making daily life easy. Natural, sleek and rational lines are combined to create an innovative bathroom, a room capable of improving quality of life and even changing the world.

In Denver, PORCELANOSA Group had the pleasure of working with Simone Micheli at the famous Denver Design Week event. There, in the showroom of the capital of Colorado, he talked about bathrooms and design. He also talked about Lounge, his collection. This was what he told us.

· Good afternoon, Simone. We are at Denver Design Week. What is and what should be the role of the designer in our society?

Designers have an important role in our society as their action deals with the transformation of the surrounding world. The have to make it every day more comfortable, beautiful and sustainable using their energies and being conscious of responsibilities their behavior contains. Modifying the space and building tools to do it are inner peculiarities of humans beings that characterize them since their first movements on the earth. Therefore designers’ role is to take care of this human attitude without forgetting the consequences each object has on the rest of the world. Today some designers are conscious of the importance of their actions and deep studies and detailed analysis drive their projects, but some others are still too much confused by the ethics of earning and their solutions are not moving in a good way. We have to be respectful of our planet because we are part of this unique organism.

· Where does a designer find inspiration today?

I think today to find sources of inspiration is not so hard. Thank to internet, the millions of images, sounds and texts the everyday bomb us, the iper-connection and the almost total globalization, everyone is able to see and to taste what different cultures and spaces can offer. But I strongly believe that, for this reason and not only, the main point moves from the research of the sources of inspiration till the ability in interpreting them. Nowadays the designer must have deep critical thinking and strong inner spirit to select important events among the multitude of them and to elaborate unexpected and improving solutions to problems, to offer wellness to human beings.

· What are the main differences, in your opinion, between the interiorism in America and Europe?

I think European interior design is more focused on the “design aspect”! What I mean is that american designers use to be more pragmatical and effective but they are still linked to traditional design and modernism while in Europe experimentation and innovation are promoted.

European interior design is also more in contact with the world of art then the american one.

Even if nowadays a huge background of craftsmen is developing in USA too, the gaze of European designers is free from ancient rules and stereotypes so that their products are turned into the future. I think contaminations among the two views can be very interesting and they can lead to new perspective to develop.

· Where is heading the interiorism design to in general terms ? And, particuarly, the bathroom interior design?

Interior design is moving toward interaction and connection among the different parts that compose the space. The role of technology is increasing every day and it, as silent and hidden element, is nowadays indispensable to originate areas able to find personal and subjective solution to each humans problem. Places today are based on particular and real needs of people.

The bathroom interior design is moving of course in the same direction. But in this case is important to underline that bath essentially is a private space that has to make humans feeling good and at their ease when they are inside. Bathrooms are getting bigger and more comfortable today as their role is to give back to men their pills of relax after stressful and plenty day of work, noise and people.

· It has been eight years since Lounge came to light. How do you evaluate its trajectory?

Amazing! After so much time it is still super contemporary and good-looking! It is a very good example of what good aesthetic means! Real beauty can not be old or not actual any more! Lounge collection never stops to develop and to evolve, it is smart and elegant and able to fit in many kind of different bathroom, it is perfect to personalize your place and fascinating! Lounge is not only a design collection, it is true and proper masterpiece!

· What memories do you have of working with Noken?

Working with Noken has been great and interesting experience. It is very good-working company, based on strong ethics and sustainable principles.

Our partnership was deep and complete and each new improvement was based on the sharing of ideas, content and sketches. Their aims of being innovative, sophisticated and open to futurist views exactly coincide with my philosophy of design so our cooperation fitted perfectly and it has been very emotional and intense for many years lasting till todays.

· What inspired you when were carrying out Lounge?

I wanted to create a bath collection able to make the space sophisticated but lively at the same time, cozy but elegant. I desired to reduce complexity of everyday life into simplicity.

I was fascinated by fluid but clear lines, by soft but defined shapes and combining together these contrasting elements Lounge collection came out. It is the perfect mix among components that through opposite pushes link together and originate objects of unattainable beauty.

· What is the most important element when designing bathroom interiors?

I think is important to design natural and clear spaces. Places which are not overcrowded of elements but that are open to receive humans with their needs and desires. Today bathroom must be flexible and able to modify their features in order to perfectly answer to different kinds of requests. I believe that the main characteristic that contemporary bathroom must have is the ability in offering to people they relaxing moments. There are many ways to gain this goal but it has to be the central point of each design briefing.

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