Discovering… Simone Micheli, after 5 years of Lounge

La línea Longe de Noken cumple 5 años; hablamos con Simone Micheli, su creador, sobre cómo aunar tecnología, ecología y singularidad en la arquitectura

Between interior design, graphic design and communication, Simone Micheli materialises in all his works, his concern over the environment with eco-friendly designs that tend to the natural look, that way achieving singular creations with their own identities, as he demonstrates in the designs of the Lounge bathroom equipment for Noken. In 1990, Simone Micheli founded his own study and in 2003, he created the company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, with branches in Florence, Milan, and Dubai. This Italian architect combines his work as university professor and designer, with curating theme exhibitions for some of the most relevant international trade fairs and his work can be seen in exhibition halls around the world.  Among the long list of prizes and awards, Simone Micheli has been distinguished with the Best of the Year honoree 2012 –Hospitality category- by the New York interior Design magazine and obtained the Iconic Award 2014 in the category of Interior Winner, from the German Design Council. Simone-Micheli-studio Five years after creating Lounge, Simone Micheli reviews the keys to the success of the Noken collection and reflects on the future of bathroom design. What was the idea behind the design that led to the creation of the Lounge collection? From the start, the idea was that of forming not only a collection related to the world of water, but also a true and adequate icon capable of becoming a reference regarding content and shape inside our temporary bubble. What differentiates the Lounge design from others? The singularity of its shape, its geometrical perfection and its equipment, the magic flow penetrating in its meaning; these are the main aspects differentiating Lounge from other designs. Hotel-Barcelo-Milan-Spa-Simone-Micheli-2 How does water interact in the design of the bathroom? The design of the bathroom plays with water, combining shapes and technology. What are the differences in designs of bathrooms now and those of 20 years ago? Now everything is more essential, naked.  We are metropolitan human beings that prefer transforming the growing complexity surrounding us into simplicity; the Lounge collection is all about that. Park-Hotel-ai-Cappuccini-wellness-center-simone-micheli-2 How do you see future bathrooms? They will be like an empty space where humankind with its changing needs will be like the centre of a pseudo-virtual dimension. Which should be the role of a designer in our society? Designers have to think about growth and development of life, improving their ethically correct ways of working, basing their processes on the construction of sustainable ideas respecting the environment, without destroying the world.

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