Discovering… Noken in Mexico

Viajamos a México, un mercado en el que Noken ha sabido adaptar el interiorismo en baños más internacional a las particularidades del público local.

Noken, the specialized firm in bathroom equipment by PORCELANOSA Grupo, brings the latest trends in bathrooms closer to 100 countries worldwide through a network of showrooms and distribution points.

The highest levels of quality in customer service and support for professional architects and interior designers in the company make the management of the stores and distribution points a daily challenge, which contributes to continued excellence.

We are off to Mexico, a market where Noken has managed to adapt the most international interior in bathrooms to the particularities of the local public, to find out what the key points that make the company a reference in the country are.

We speak to Gerardo Haro, the person in charge of Porcelanosa Mexico Showrooms and to Javier Pacheco, the Distribution Manager of the company in this country.

Before starting, could you summarize what your job consists of?

Our jobs consist of ensuring the correct operation of our own shops and distributors, giving the Mexican customer the best service that defines Porcelanosa, developing strategies to increase sales and to monitor and update the exhibitions.

What is the presence of Porcelanosa Grupo like in Mexico? And particularly Noken? Explain to us a bit of your background within your country.

Nowadays, Porcelanosa Grupo's presence in Mexico is more solid by the year, and it is positioning itself in the market as one of the leading brands in the field of design and interior design.

In Noken’s case, its impact on the market regarding bathroom fittings in Mexico has been surprising, this is supported on the basis of their design, quality and variety of models.

What is the current status of bathroom design? How important do you think innovation is?

The current bathroom designs in the best offices in Mexico take up a central place in the overall design of the project, whether residential, commercial or a hotel.

Is this situation in Mexico different from the US or Europe?

We consider the situation in all these places to be the same due to globalization in the field of design. However, different Noken products fit perfectly to the needs, characteristics and customs of each region.

What are, in your opinion, the keys for a successful design?

Of course, a fundamental part is the aesthetic of the products, this going hand in hand with the quality and functionality of them, and these are, in many cases, the icons of many developments.

What are the most popular collections from Noken in Mexico? And in your opinion, what are the most important?

All the collections are very important. In specific cases where it is the design that governs the project, we could mention the MOOD, the Lounge, or the Chelsea Imagine series. With regard to both hotel and commercial projects, the variants may be from the Irta line to the Hotels, with quality and its relation to the price being the essential requirements.

How would you describe the Mexican audience’s response to Noken?

The customer recognises the worth of the product based on the guarantee and service offered by the firm internationally, but it is now that it has become one of their favourite brands because of the fact that it is within their reach through Porcelanosa Mexico.

Gerardo, as the person in charge of the stores, have you noticed any significant change in consumption habits with regard to the brand? What is the degree of customer satisfaction?

Step by step, the knowledge of the products has made a difference to every customer’s taste and the increase in the brand’s use has generated confidence, which results in obtaining an increase in sales and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

We continue with you, Gerardo. Currently, how many outlets does PORCELANOSA Mexico have where Noken is present? What are the cities where we can find those outlets?

We currently have four outlets: Valle Dorado, Interlomas, Mazarik and the most recent one, Altavista, all of them located in Mexico City, F.D.

How have the stores evolved? Could you tell us about the rules you have followed for the creation of the stores? Are all of them the same?

None of our stores are the same, the reason for this lies in the fact that the different characteristics of the place, location, spaces and surroundings have allowed us to create unique spaces in the market, without losing the corporate image.

Javier, as the person in charge of distribution, could you tell us about the consumption habits in a geographical way? What are the cities where Noken products have a meaningful presence?

Consumption habits may be changeable according to the different regions of the country. We make every effort to make the most demanding customers feel satisfied in every region by offering our wide range of products which are within their reach.

We are mainly present in the North area, West and Central Mexico, which turns out to be the strongest areas after the capital. With regard to the cities with a higher Noken brand consumption, I would highlight Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro and Puebla.

What are the distribution points like? How does it work and what is the post process in progress for a distribution post?

Every selling point inland is different. However, we can assure ourselves that the exclusive areas assigned to us in the shop, looking at the design developed by ourselves and emphasising the presence of our own brand, preparing the personnel in order to be able to achieve clients satisfaction in relation to care, attention and information, just as if it was their own shop, always respecting the company policy and each distributor’s internal alignments.

Focusing on the numbers, what is the Mexico’s market share in the sector? What is Noken’s percentage in the bathroom design sector?

Regarding brand imports in Mexico, Noken takes up a very important place in the market, without losing sight of the biggest percentage regarding the purchasing of bathroom fittings in the country which is from national products. With regard to bathroom designs made with imported brands, we are the leaders due to the strategy presence, penetration and reach in the most well-known offices in the country. Continuing with more information. What growth percentage comparative has Noken got in Mexico? What do you think the growth percentage forecast is? During the last five years (2010-2015), in projects, the shops themselves and distribution, the Noken brand has doubled its sales with a very important impact since its appearance in the Mexican market, and our plans are to keep on growing by at least 10% every year. To finish, what future do you predict for bathroom design in general in Mexico? And above all for Noken? Growth, in the area of bathroom design in Mexico has been huge, and furthermore, it continues to adapt itself more quickly to the new trends in the world market, which has put bathroom design high up on the people’s lists in this country. People invest a lot more than before with regard to a good bathroom design for their personal projects, and with Noken being very alert to these circumstances, we have gone on adapting and renovating in accordance with what the market requires. This important strategy guarantees that the brand grows with, and above the bathroom design rate in Mexico.

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