Mediterranean décor: How to give your bathroom that touch

A gentle breeze through your home: it is the typical style of Mediterranean décor that fits so well in bathrooms aiming for light and warmth.

When decorating a bathroom, it is important to choose the style that best suits it. In this regard, it is essential to take into account both the space, as well as the distribution, lighting and other variables. And, of course, the combination with the other rooms in the home is fundamental. 

So this is the perfect time and place for you to discover the secrets to evoking the unique essence of Mediterranean décor in your bathroom. Keep reading and achieve your hygiene, care and well-being refuge. 

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Keys to Mediterranean décor for your bathroom

Simple shapes and spaces full of light make up a minimalist yet inviting enclave. Modern Mediterranean-style homes are characterised by the use of decorative features reminiscent of the sea: blue and other light tones are mixed together, along with natural materials and light features such as extra-flat shower trays and suspended bathroom cabinets.

1. Open your bathroom to the outdoors

mediterranean bathroom decoration Mediterranean-style home with en suite bathroom

The Mediterranean inspires us and moves us to thousands of dream places with unique prints, but if they all have one thing in common, it is light. Mediterranean décor floods the bathroom with natural light.

Light is one of the main premises of this style of décor. And, to enhance it, there's nothing like opening the bathroom up to the outdoors: enormous picture windows that give way to the landscape will be your best allies. If you put up curtains, you can opt for light textiles such as muslin or linen.

It is important for bathrooms to contain the basic elements and minimalist furniture so that everything flows like water. This is the perfect way to create open-plan spaces that can become your haven of personal peace.


2. Play with the naval colour palette

mediterranean bathroom decorationMediterranean-style home with en suite bathroom

When it comes to Mediterranean décor, follow the relaxed pattern set by turquoise or blue in combination with white, sand and earth colours to achieve that sought-after 'beach effect'.

The marine colour palette is the answer. From tiles to cabinets, without losing sight of the details, such as accessories like towels. 


3. Opt for artisanal touches

mediterranean bathroom decorationBathroom with Mediterranean décor

To imprint the authentic character of the Mediterranean style for bathrooms, you can use a variety of natural textures.

Materials such as wicker, wood and stone provide the ideal artisan, natural touch. Without forgetting glass, a noble material that, with its magical transparency, highlights only the essentials in Mediterranean bathrooms without overfilling the room, and letting light pass through. 


4. Decorate with natural elements

mediterranean bathroom decorationMediterranean-style bathroom

In Mediterranean-style bathrooms, nature in all its forms must flow freely. Opting for biophilic architecture, decorating with plants or shells from your walks along the shore, is a magnificent idea that will help you achieve that perfect marine aura. 

To balance the whole, you can install above-counter sinks, add a vintage touch with classic bathroom taps, or fill some corners with wicker baskets that are ideal for storage and the Mediterranean décor. 

Finally, and although it may seem obvious, keeping the surfaces clear will help you maintain the visual feeling of harmony and space typical of this style.


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