A customised shower with Noken

We bring you personalised shower solutions, from the elegant finishes of shower trays and taps in the Finish Studio range to configurable Wellness experiences. Technology and innovation at the service of self-expression and personal fulfilment. Your own customised bathroom.

We are all unique, which is why we pursue unique experiences. Tailored to each of us. We seek to nurture ourselves, grow and find the best version of ourselves in order to achieve balance and well-being. To feel fulfilled.

This is why Noken is committed to personalising bathrooms and the bathing experience, empowering people to live their lives more fully.

Finish Studio and Touch&Feel shower technology are the standard bearers for this approach. While Touch&Feel allows you to configure the shower's functions and turn them into a wellness experience, Finish Studio applies new, carefully selected design features to products such as shower trays, treating them as blank canvases on which we can apply colour, finishes and a distinctive style.

Solutions that make it possible to create environments adapted to each individual. Bathrooms for self-expression, which connect with our emotions and aspirations, and meet our most personal needs. Spaces that enhance the experience, making it unique for each of us.


10 Finnish Studio shower tray finishes for 10 different personalities

Our Slate range of shower trays is customised with digital printing techniques using state-of-the-art UV-LED ink, with a selection of natural looking options: stone finishes include Deep Concrete, Dark Concrete, Caliza Concrete, Marquina Stone, Marfil Stone, Carrara Marble and Travertino Marble; and the wood range includes Scandinavian Wood, Cognac Wood and Arce Wood.

These finishes are enhanced by the texture of the Slate series, and can be applied to standard sizes or made-to-measure products.

Designs that invite us to express the values that define us and our essential character.


Stone: the essence of resilience

Stone suggests strength in design, echoing our society's need for security and stable values. It also connects us with nature at its purest and with our own unspoiled, wild and free essence. Shower trays in a stone-like finish speak a language of simplicity, connection and resilience.

Wood: interiors for self-care

We live in a culture where time is all-important and it is difficult to find ways to disconnect, activate our awareness, and enjoy peace and quiet. In this sense, our homes are a shield, a framework for relaxation, detox and ritual practices that invite us to connect with ourselves.

Wood finishes provide the perfect setting for our self-care rituals: they embody the purity of matter, create calm sensations and reflect a more holistic lifestyle. Designs for self-knowledge and self-awareness.


Touch&Feel, a configurable shower system

Touch&Feel is a system with flexible settings that allows you to use the different water outlets simultaneously. With this high-tech solution, shower settings can be tailored to each individual, allowing various wellness functions to be activated at the same time, including rain, waterfall, jets, mist or hand shower.


Touch&Feel mixer system in Finish Studio matt black


  • Functions: discover multiple combinations and use rain, waterfall, mist, jets, hand shower and bath functions simultaneously.
  • Models and finishes: you can personalise the trims, and some models are available in a choice of chrome or matt black.
  • Mixer or thermostatic option: choose the thermostatic model for greater safety and a consistent water temperature.
  • Choose from several spray models, including chromotherapy and aromatherapy options.


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