Custom Shower System: customize your experience in the shower

Category: News
Date: 29 jul 2015

Custom Shower System is the guide offered by Noken for the user to customize their own shower.  Thanks to this configuration programme you will be able to prepare the shower of your dreams with Noken products from the Porcelanosa Group.


Throughout an intuitive screen system, the Noken showers configuration programme lets the user choose any of the components which create this 0 space without taking anything for granted, and furthermore, always having a full and direct view of the state of our shower according to our movements. Following the menu option instructions, we will go step by step in our creation.

How can you customize your shower with Custom Shower System?

First of all, we will select the type of installation:

  • The Shower Systems takes us to select showers with Smart Box system (a practical installation system where bathroom taps  remain isolated inside a box) or Project Line system (a concealed system with high versatility).
  • The Shower Configurator option leads to the bathroom taps which do not count on the previous systems.

The next step is to select your type of valve, either conventional or the thermostatic, the latter offering the advantage of keeping the selected water temperature constant. After this first step, we will proceed to select your type of stay, where a corner shower space and a straight one are the available options.

The visible components of the shower are the ones to be selected in the next step, starting from the mixers. Ranging from Chelsea vintage-styled  collection to the smaller Urban collection and the pure shapes of NK Logic collection, the extensive Noken catalogue is available for users when choosing their desired mixer.

The next step is to select your shower head, which allows the user once again to choose from endless options from Noken, either in design, installation or finishes. According to the installation, the shower heads can be ceiling mounted  or wall mounted. Depending on our selection in the previous steps, we will have the option to choose side body jets. These jets can be two or four, but always from the same collection and finish, and we will be able to place them the way we want by following the menu options.

To finish, the configurator shows us a list of the products that we have selected with their codes so that we can acquire them, which we can send to an email account or save as a pdf to print.

Therefore, by means of an easy intuitive application, Noken custom shower system does not impose limits on the user’s imagination. Each user has a certain idea about the shower they need, and it is thanks to this useful tool that we turn this idea into the real thing.