Dot and Touch&Feel: the latest innovation in custom-made showers

DOT introduces the unit system and the Touch&Feel system showcases two new shower column designs

Touch&Feel. As simple as that

Enjoying a shower has never been as simple as it is with the Touch&Feel shower system, simple and intuitive which activates the sought-after experience by soft pushing, allowing several functions simultaneously.

The series grows with two shower columns whose designs fit perfectly with any bathroom style, in a square and round version.

With a simple touch, we will activate the sought-after water outlet and with a controlled flow. An intuitive and safe shower, since it is equipped with a safety system so that the temperature does not exceed 38ºC and, in case of wanting to raise this temperature, it will be necessary to press a button to reach a maximum whose limit is 45ºC.

The Touch & Feel shower column is a WaterForest product, environmentally friendly by contributing to water savings, with limited water consumption at 14L per minute for the shower head and 10L per minute for the hand shower. As well as that, there is energy efficiency, since it quickly reaches the sought-after temperature, keeping it stable even if there are pressure variations.



DOT. The unit shower

DOT introduces the unit system in the shower. Shower heads which allow infinite combinations in 30cm and 15cm square or round sizes. Colours: black box with a white front or white box with a black front. Functions: rain, central jet, sprayer or cascade, combinable with chromotherapy.

The 30cm versions are multifunction, whereas the 15cm versions are single function. Functions for 30cm: rain, rain + central jet, rain + sprayer, or rain + central jet + sprayer. Functions for 15cm: cascade or rain.

DOT is included under the WaterForest sustainable concept with limited maximum flow:

  • Nebuliser at 5L per minute
  • Rain at 10L per minute
  • Cascade at 12L per minute
  • Central jet at 12L per minute


In addition to these innovations, new recently launched shower solutions, such as the Rondo and Square Wellness built-in shower heads, and new metallic finishes for shower taps which extend the possibilities of our series have been showcased at the International Exhibition.


ducha lignage cobre noken

Lignage built-in taps for a shower in a copper finish, also available in chrome and gold. 


ducha termostatica oxo noken

The OXO thermostatic shower is available with 3 to 6 outlets and the OXO shower head in the black matt version, with rain and cascade functions or rain only. Available in chrome, black matt and brushed titanium finishes. 


Download the new product catalogue through this link

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