The key role of curves in bathroom design

For us, the curve is an organic form full of soft, delicate, elegant beauty. Do you think so too? Join us on this trip to discover all the secrets of curvature in the bathroom.

In any bathroom design project, there are different features that act together to transform the space. And, without a doubt, the curve is one of the most powerful elements in this creative process.

Apart from walls and ceilings, many other decorative elements come into play in a bathroom whose design is based on curves and organic forms and these must be in the same style to achieve harmony. Washbasins, toilets, shower heads and taps all help to create the effect we want.

The elegance of curves in the bathroom

The Antic classic bathroom collection reflects a Victorian style in which the pieces are brimming with elegance, history and romanticism. Unique pieces in which every curve counts.


Antic Collection

The use of colour can give the classic bathroom a more avant-garde look, with finishes such as Merlot red, Forest green and Almond beige in the Finish Studio range. They fill bathrooms with personality in fittings like the curved, versatile and durable Forma collection.

An ideal option for creating a space with an exclusive look, achieved by playing with different colours, curves and highly practical designs.


Because the combination of colour and curves is an outright winner and together they can transport us to a world of total relaxation. Pastel colours such as Finish Studio's flamingo pink create a light, soft and fresh feeling in any bathroom, especially if it features arches and curved lines.


Flamingo Pink Bathroom

Curves - an essential aspect of bathroom design


The iconic Lounge toilet has been reinvented with more curved lines, new finishes and the rimless system.


Lounge toilet

The Seasons shower heads take us to remote places in the heart of nature. Absolute wellness in the shower. An elegant arch with water flowing behind it, as if it were a waterfall in the mountains.

Add the vitality of new finishes, such as brushed copper, and the result is amazing.


Seasons shower head (brushed copper finish)

Curved taps for a perfect touch

The curved taps in the Lignage collection, with their gleaming brushed copper finish, stand out against the bareness of the industrial-style walls.


Lignage taps

The Forma tap range has been reinvented with new finishes that combine perfectly with the new furniture designs in Merlot and Almond. But they remain as sustainable as ever and are an ideal complement for a design featuring curves.


Forma taps

In addition to their organic design, our Noken Eco Flow system limits the flow of water, reducing consumption without any impact on comfort and giving your project the added benefit of saving energy in the home.

This trend is also evident in the kitchen with options such as the Round Inox taps with their eye-catching curve.


Round Inox tap

If you want to keep up to date with the latest trends in interior design and bathroom decoration, don't miss out on our blog. And, for a taster of interesting new ideas in design, take a look at our post on Bathroom renovation ideas: inspiration for a new space.

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