How to turn your bathroom into a warm and welcoming space

Your bathroom should always be synonymous with relaxation. A place where you can feel sheltered from the outside world, feel good, and recharge your batteries. Which is why your décor - and the emotions it stirs up - is so important.

Your bathroom should always be synonymous with relaxation. A place where you can feel sheltered from the outside world, feel good, and recharge your batteries. Which is why your décor - and the emotions it stirs up - is so important.

The growing emphasis we're placing on wellbeing is making our bathrooms increasingly significant spaces in the home. It's becoming more and more important for us to find an emotional balance between our home, responsibilities and social life - and self-care is at the heart of it.

So it stands to reason that creating a warm bathroom, a harmonious space you can retreat to, is essential. You can make your own personal wellness centre - a refuge where you can restore your emotional balance from day to day.

Warm décor: take wood as your starting point

The décor and materials you choose when planning your bathroom will play a key role in creating a warmer bathroom. Natural materials - especially wood or other materials that evoke that same warmth - are an ideal choice for creating a relaxed, tranquil, and above all welcoming room.

We've brought the natural feel of wood to bathroom furnishings with our Pure Line Wood range. Natural aged oak is masterfully combined with the metallic frame with legs. It gives you the high-end look at the same time as inviting you to relax and (re)connect with yourself.

Essence C, meanwhile, is a wall-hung unit that combines matt black and wood finishes. This sophisticated combination comes with a drawer with a generous storage capacity. 


Our Nature Collection takes inspiration from contemporary Nordic style, combining wood and ceramics to achieve a sense of warmth in the bathroom. With a calm and fresh feel, this will add a touch of Scandinavian essence to your bathroom.



Bathrooms brimming with light: cosy bathroom lighting

Did you know that natural light has an impact on your biorhythms and has revitalising powers? This is why we recommend getting as much natural light into your bathroom as possible to make it feel warm - it'll help you feel connected with nature and the outdoors.

So when you're choosing artificial lighting, always go for yellow-toned bulbs (rather than cooler white) if you want to create a warm and welcoming ambience.

It goes without saying that you need to make sure certain areas are well-lit such as your washbasin and mirror area, but you should go for softer, more indirect lighting in the rest of the room. Think about accentuating the height of your ceiling, adding lighting behind furniture, or mirrors with integrated lighting around the edge - read more about these in our bathroom lighting ideas post.

Another great tip is to add accessories like candles to create a calm and intimate atmosphere.

Ideas for warm bathrooms: all about the curves

Achieve a sense of warmth using furnishings and sanitaryware with simple forms and soft, curved lines. These will give you a more relaxed look than straight lines, so the room will feel more welcoming.

Our Liem and Vitae ranges are defined by their soft, light and polished forms. Pastel colour finishes have been added to the Liem range, which combines warm materials like wood with ultra-resistant, high-tech materials such as XTone® porcelain, which benefits from technical properties including excellent resistance and easy maintenance.




Vitae, a collection designed by Zaha Hadid

Colours for warm bathrooms

Colour can transform interior design completely, especially in the bathroom. So choosing a colour scheme that increases the feeling of warmth and wellbeing is vital.

For a truly tranquil bathroom experience, we suggest you go for a bathroom colour palette that combines soft and neutral tones like white, cream, beige and smoky grey... They'll reflect the light, make the room feel brighter and add depth.


Or you could go for an earthier colour scheme, using sand and terracotta tones to bring nature to the fore. Add lush plants in pots for a beautiful, classical atmosphere.


How to provide the bathroom with warmth and maintain the heat inside

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms meets the needs of the bathroom in winter with its latest advances in electronical equipment in heated towel rails. A functional system for the control and maintenance of heat in the bathroom, whose technology makes the space the perfect place for relaxing in.

Smart, Smart Eco and Smart Plus are the three pieces of available electronic equipment which all have differentiating functions. The Smart Plus Program is the system which has the most benefits, such as: a timer, thermostatic control, night function and the keypad lock. Smart Plus is also an ECO system, and it is even capable of detecting heat that escapes through an open window.

Comfort is not the only benefit of the heated towel rails, because once the shower experience is over, there is a warm and pleasurable feeling waiting for us. The designs themselves by Noken are also done in the finest detail and they even offer different finishes in order to meet the style requirements of every bathroom.

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