Modern rustic bathrooms: How to strike the perfect balance

The country chic style is gaining more and more followers. Do you also want to create modern and rustic bathrooms for your projects? Enter here to get inspired.

Given this decorative paradigm of rustic bathrooms, every piece matters in adding to the character and authenticity that this style requires. Every small decorative detail will let us find the perfect balance between vintage and innovative.

The essentials of country décor

Beyond the traditional rustic style, the trend currently taking hold is the country chic style.

This style combines wood and warm colours, as well as brushstrokes present in nature, such as earth and sand tones, reds reminiscent of autumn magic, blue and green, in a broad spectrum of shades that add a touch of elegance and comfort in equal measure.

Furniture for modern rustic bathrooms

This is the case of the new Espiga Lounge furniture, characterised by its simple lines and functional design. A piece with the warm and robust feel of maple, with symmetrical lines and geometric elegance, perfect for modern rustic bathrooms.

rustic-modern-bathroomsNew Espiga Lounge furniture with double sink

In this modern rustic bathroom style, we also find other rustic bathroom furniture that goes well with light colours. The idea is to create places that beckon you to relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Places that turn into the ideal sanctuary for daily care.

One ideal proposition is the compact Liem piece in 82 cm and 122 cm versions. Made of natural solid walnut wood, it is available in a suspended version and with legs, which bring it closer to the style of rustic bathrooms. In addition to its meticulous design with a polished and rounded trim, it features technical properties that make it highly resistant and easy to maintain thanks to its porcelain top.

banos-estilo-espanol-1Liem bathroom furniture in earth colours

Modern rustic bathrooms with wood 

The use of wood in modern rustic bathrooms is key. This traditional fine material transports us to a natural setting and, through distinguished designs, gives a renewed feeling to the room.

One way to incorporate this material is through bathroom furniture. In addition to the designs mentioned, others such as the Essence C unit use wood alongside the colour black, two elements that combine to give extraordinarily sophisticated results that blend perfectly in rustic bathrooms.

rustic-modern-bathroomsEssence C compact bathroom furniture

Decorating tips for rustic bathrooms

When decorating a rustic bathroom, special care must be taken not to forget the essentials, since you could easily overlook the fundamental element in any decoration project: balance.

Painting walls brown, laying dark wooden floors and combining just two colours is not the way to achieve a rustic yet modern bathroom. So, avoid clichés and the tried-and-true, and draw inspiration from these simple and useful tips:

  • Pay attention to colours. Do not limit yourself to white and wood. Experiment with other colours such as green, blue, or bolder colours such as black or grey. Always in a balanced way.
  • Install timeless pieces. In the case of the toilet and the other bathroom basics, go for timeless designs. This way, they won't stand out excessively and you can focus attention on the furniture, bathtub or taps.
  • Choose the bathtub carefully, one that gives a unique vintage touch to your modern rustic bathrooms.
  • Opt for good taps, like the Lignage collection, that add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.

rustic-modern-bathroomsLignage taps in brushed gold with a new marble handle

Lignage is a timeless series designed by Ramón Esteve that draws on industrial aesthetics. This new marble handle takes us back to the twenties, where this luxurious material provided a stark contrast to the simplicity of the tap's form. The ideal art déco icing on the cake for a sublime result.

Whether this decoration project is for a private home or a rural hotel, the style of modern rustic bathrooms is perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy memorable moments of relaxation.

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