Copper bathrooms: pink luxury for distinctive designs

Bathrooms give way to the power of copper, and this precious finish is absolutely everywhere: copper bathroom taps, copper shower heads, copper bathroom accessories, sinks, towel rails and wall tiles.

Fashion and interior design have spoken. The finishes inspired by precious metals are here to stay. A trend which hits the street by designers such as Saint Lairent or Celine; and interior design with PORCELANOSA Grupo and Noken. In the world of product design, it was Tom Dixon who began exploring product design in copper finishes and today is one of the precursors of this trend.

Bathrooms give way to the power of copper, and this precious finish is absolutely everywhere: bronze bathroom taps, shower heads, accessories, sinks, towel rails and wall tiles. Metal glints which increase the exclusivity of the pieces, expanding their decorative possibilities.




Our special finishes are made of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), which achieves a more robust and durable coating than other finishes. As a result, these special finishes offer greater strength to cleaning products and corrosion than the conventional galvanizing. We reinvent the design and define new lines and aesthetic shapes, and we implement technology for an easier life as well.

Contemporary, authentic and with a calming effect. Copper is a material which covers both everyday objects and structural elements. A finish which has become fine, modern and elegant.


Copper bathroom taps: metallic depth

Copper and its alternative, rosé, are in, and they have been trending now for several seasons. With the rise of precious metals in interior design, this special finish is offered to give a new touch to bathroom design through copper-coloured taps.



The Lounge collection, designed by Simone Micheli under the premises of practicality and Italian refinement, includes copper taps among its options, even offering a comprehensive copper design for the bathroom through combinations with other pieces. Single lever sink mixers, built-in taps, shower heads, accessories, even the fine detail in the furniture finishes offer this unique metallic effect.


The Tono collection, designed by the prestigious Foster + Partners studio, offers copper-coloured taps in its pieces for sinks, bidets, bathtubs and thermostatic showers.


Copper bathroom accessories


The complements nourish the bathroom design.


Copper bathroom accessories provide the space with warmth and a unique aesthetic. Elements such as copper towel rails, hangers, toilet flush buttons or sink flush valves, go beyond traditional uses and they can be seen in every detail.


Copper towel rails for an integral bathroom design from the Lounge Collection, designed by Simone Micheli.


bathroom hangers from the Lounge Collection, designed by Simone Micheli.

Copper bathroom sinks

A bathroom project is a synergy in which everything must fit. In which each element and each detail is an extension of the other. This is harmony.

The subtle presence of this finish in elements like the sink flush valve in copper is a sign of the attention we pay to the small decisions which make the rooms unique. Because the detail is the pieces which represent everything that one feels and believes in.



Sink flush valve in copper

Copper bathroom tiles: visual impact

Metallic glints play a leading role in the copper bathroom tiles. The covering of every wall detail as decorative profiles or on a complete wall leaves elegance as a distinctive mark, creating strong visual attraction points. Pink luxury and distinction that breaks with the coldness of other finishes. 



Decorative profiles for wall tiles in a copper finish


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