A contactless bathroom: avoiding contact to keep us safe

Public health has become a mainstream issue and, with it, hygiene and safety in public and private spaces. We propose a 'contactless' bathroom with fittings that do not need to be touched to be activated.

Various studies show that we touch our faces over 2,000 times a day, and we are often not aware we are doing it. This gesture opens the door to microorganisms entering our bodies. Besides hygiene as a preventive measure, avoiding touching items that may be contaminated is another safety barrier to protect ourselves and others. For this reason, we have created the contactless bathroom with touch-free solutions that avoid contact with hands. Electronic sensor taps, taps with soap or antibacterial gel dispensers, infrared flush systems for urinals and toilets, towel dispensers, bins with sensors, soap or antibacterial gel dispensers with sensors, mirrors with proximity sensor lighting. bano-contactless-bathroom-1

'Contactless' public bathroom





Round automatic bathroom taps are wall-mounted, making it easier to clean the washbasin area. An eco-friendly design, with a flow limiter restricting water flow to 5.2 litres/min. You can choose between two types of power supply, mains or battery powered, making it truly versatile.


Zig-zag steel towel dispenser, with load display and flip-up front


High speed steel optical hand dryer


Smart Line infrared flushing system for urinal


Infrared flush valve for WC, with piezoelectric button


'Contactless' bathroom in a residence or hotel room


Tile mirror with perimeter LED lighting and defogging system and lateral sensor

100188177-griferia con sensor

Square electronic taps have a double water inlet (hot and cold), a 6V battery and a 5 litres/min flow limiter, another eco-friendly product from Noken


Smart Line infrared flushing system for WC

For more information, you can consult a guide buying guide for taps with sensors at this link, and download the touch-free product catalogue here.


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