Compact bathrooms. Find out how to make your bathroom space look bigger

Category: Remodeling
Date: 18 feb 2016

In a small house, the bathroom turns out to be one of the rooms which suffers the most from the lack of space. Nevertheless, we do not need to worry just because of the fact of having a small bathroom, since there are different solutions which make the bathroom look more spacious than it really is. No matter how compact the bathroom is, it is always possible to adapt it to a design which not only matches our needs, but also makes our living space elegant, modern and exquisite.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, ensures that the most optimal feeling of wide spaces in its bathroom designs is achieved. The firm, by means of its sumptuous products designed for compact bathrooms, perfectly adapts itself to small spaces which at the same time provide the user with comfort, cosiness and complete relaxation. Even though a bathroom is small, it can be full of style, practical, but above all, efficient in the use of space.

One of the bathroom equipment products which make space bigger are the wall hung elements. Apart from making bathroom cleaning easier, the wall hung basins turn out to be the best choice for minimising the visual elements and appeal to the decorative minimalism. Furthermore, if we opt for an integral equipment in white, and by including sanitaryware and taps, the feeling of width will be even stronger.

In favour of the maximum space utilisation, wall hung basins allow for placing shelves or bathroom furniture underneath, thus, providing a useful space for storage. Our personal items will remain nicely stored, and the rest of the bathroom atmosphere will be left much freer and clearer.

Light is very important in a compact bathroom. The fact of knowing how to play with it will result in achieving the maximum visual width. Likewise, counting on a large amount of natural light plays an important role, and also the fact that the light source comes from the back of the room. It will also be key to increasing the visual depth as well as the feeling of spaciousness.

With regard to the shower atmosphere, both creating homogeneous atmospheres and keeping elements to the minimum are crucial for a compact bathroom. A shower tray at ground level is an elegant as well as an exquisite choice, the same as opting for recessed or semi-recessed shower heads for unique relaxing experiences.

In addition to this, the space can apparently be widened because of the master inclusion of mirrors  in the bathroom. The reflection, together with the influence of the natural light on it, will create an outstanding practical optical illusion.

Small Designer Bathrooms: Acro Compact from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.