Small bathrooms: How to enhance the sense of space

Designing a small bathroom? Are you looking for the formula to make a small bathroom seem bigger? Here are some tips on distribution and fittings.

Designing a small bathroom is one of the great challenges in interior design.However, there are tricks to make it look much more spacious than it really is. 

An ingenious layout, the right style, the use of compact fittings and a great design will be crucial to fully meeting your needs and making the room visually attractive. 

Layout in small bathrooms

Although they are only a few square metres in size, tiny bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular (on platforms such as Google Trends and Pinterest Trends, searches are growing and the trend is positive), as they can be stylish, practical and above all, designed with efficient and beautiful use of space.

The article gives more details, but the minimum size for a small bathroom with a shower ,toilet and washbasin, provided you have a sliding door, will be 135 x 150 cm

Minimalism is the key to small bathrooms

Minimalist bathrooms are spaces where everything comes together with a uniform and coherent style, and where each element finds its perfect place.

When it comes to small bathrooms, with clever planning you can achieve a special harmony. The “idea that everything helps, and nothing detracts” taken to the maximum expression is the basis for the design of small bathrooms.

However, this style does not create a cold and lifeless room. On the contrary, thanks to its evolution towards emotional minimalism, this trend brings greater warmth and is aimed at creating emotions, and feelings of well-being in its purest form.

Choose the right compact fittings

As well as small fittings, a way of making space look bigger is the suspended and recessed elements.

→This article looks at how to make a style statement with smart storage options in small bathrooms.

Compact toilets

To save as much space as possible, the best option is to use solutions like built-in cisterns and wall-mounted toilets, which save space and are easier to clean. There are compact models that only protrude around 50 cm from the wall. In this article, we tell you how to choose a small toilet, and which are the best options available in our catalogue.

→In this post, we'll help you to choose a small toilet and show you the best options from our catalogue.

Acro Compact - 49 cms in length - and Essence C Compact - with a depth of only 51 cm are two ideal options for compact bathrooms. Both models are also designed with Rimless technology, as well as the eco dual flush 4.5/3-litre system as a water-saving device.

Acro Compact Toilet 

Washbasins for small bathrooms

Wall-mounted washbasins not only make cleaning the bathroom easier, but reduce the visual elements in the bathroom, in keeping with a minimalist approach to décor

In order to make the best use of space, wall-mounted washbasins also allow you to create storage space below with shelves or bathroom furniture.


Marne 42x24cm washbasin with Marne cabinet 42 cm in ash cherry

Wall-mounted washbasins, such as:

  • Arquitect available from 50 cm wide and in 3 finishes: white, matte white, and matte black.
  • Tono, which also includes corner models, from 40 cm,
  • Marne 42x24cm combined with Marne unit 42 cm.

Slender washbasin and Round taps in brushed copper 

Small bathroom furniture

We recommend the use of large-capacity but compact furniture, or multi-purpose items, such as cabinets with concealed storage behind a mirror. 


Forma vanity drawer detail

Wall-mounted vanity units are an ideal option if they are deep and come with matching washbasins.

Forma vanity

42 cm Marne unit in ash cherry with 42x42cm Marne washbasin

Recessed taps

In a compact bathroom, it is essential to create a unified setting and keep fittings and other items to a minimum

Recessed washbasin taps will leave more space free around the washbasin; built-in toilet cisterns help to create a sensation of space; for exquisite elegance choose a floor-level shower tray; while recessed sprinklers and taps in showers can provide uniquely relaxing experiences and eliminate visual noise in the bathroom.


Recessed taps from the Square collection

Electric heated towel rails: multitask equipment 

When designing a small bathroom,an electric heated towel rail will maximise user comfort. Practical and compact, they take up very little space and have simple, “flat features”and can be used as a towel rail and a radiator. 

Small bathrooms with a shower: practicality and design

A walk-in shower in a small bathroom creates more visual space, and they are practical, easily accessible and ensure maximum comfort. Walk-in showers can be enjoyed by people from all generations as well as people with reduced mobility, as they provide a free space as well as an exquisite minimalist design.

A good idea is to use light tones and go for “monochrome spaces”. This will unify the design and make the space seem larger. 

Another increasingly popular trend in small bathrooms is a dark colour scheme for the wall behind the washbasin… which gives visual depth.

It's also essential to enhance the natural light in your small bathroom. 

As well as improving ventilation, this will also bring positive energy by making the room light and airy.  

Tips for renovating smaller bathrooms

When you're renovating a smaller bathroom it should be functional - without sacrificing aesthetics. Having said that, there are certain standard measurements you need to take into account when working on your layout to make it 100% practical:

  • Your washbasin should be at a height of at least 85 to 95 cm above floor level.
  • You should leave a minimum of 30 cm free on each side of the toilet to make sure there's space to move around if it's near a wall.
  • Mirrors should be at around 1.60 metres high on average, but for a tailor-made installation you should think about the height of users and the mirror itself.
  • If you're installing a bidet, make sure it's at least 20 cm from the toilet.
  • Always leave at least 70 cm around the bath or shower.

Ideas for optimising space in the bathroom

These design tips will help you create a beautiful, modern small bathroom that appears spacious, warm and serene.

Lighting mini bathrooms 

Lighting is particularly important in a tiny bathroom and, if you know how to play with it, you can make the room bright and spacious.

→ Here are some ideas: How to achieve your best bathroom lighting.

Light colours: a “must” in small bathroom design

White tones and a gloss finish will reflect the light and visually enlarge the space.

More light, more space. When you're designing a small bathroom, you need to make it as bright as possible and get as much natural light into it as you can. If you can't, use light colours to make the most of artificial light.

Play with mirrors

The space can be made to look larger by the skilful use of mirrors in the bathroom.

The reflection, coupled with the presence of natural light, will create a sensational and practical optical effect.

Take advantage of every corner to create storage space

In this episode of nkStudio, which you will find on our Instagram channel, Mónica Diago gives us ideas for designing a small bathroom. Learn bathroom design from the experts with our nkStudio project!

Find it in this link.



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