Colours for small bathrooms

XS bathrooms are everywhere, and designing them has become a major challenge for interior designers. As well as layout and selecting the right compact pieces to suit your space, colour is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Let's look at how you can get colour on your side when it comes

A small bathroom is an interior design challenge. As you'll see in this post, there are some key points and principles that can help a space with limited dimensions feel more spacious - and more comfortable. Following these guidelines is crucial to making your bathroom as functional - and aesthetically appealing - as possible.

One of the main things to think about is the use of colour in smaller bathroom design.

Which colours suit smaller bathrooms best?

The rule of thumb is to go for lighter, neutral colours as the foundation of your small bathroom design. White, beige or warm grey will reflect light and visually enlarge a smaller bathroom.

And a gloss finish will magnify this reflective effect. So lighter toned tiles in a gloss finish are ideal for smaller bathrooms. A sensational choice.

If your bathroom has a low ceiling, you could opt for ceramic wall tiles placed vertically to make the ceiling appear higher.

Small bathroom in white

If you want to add a sense of depth and move away from a completely white bathroom, you could create a contrast by using an intense colour at the back of the room to contrast with the lighter overall tone. Or you could combine white, beige and black elements such as taps or furnishings. The result? Incredibly elegant and sophisticated small bathrooms.

Beige and white bathroom with elements in matt black Finish Studio.


Ideas for enlarging a small bathroom

Lighting is key to enhancing the colours you choose for your smaller bathroom - light is a physical property that provides dimensionality - so you can use it to enlarge your space. Natural light is ideal, but if that's not possible you should ensure your light comes from the back of the room, as that will increase the depth of field and make the space feel larger.

Using mirrors will also create a sense of space and amplify the colour's optical effect.


Small bathroom in white with LED lighting strips on the wall to add depth and make the space appear larger

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