Coloured bathroom suites: design beyond white

Discover some of the most notable trends in this new aesthetic universe of color in the bathroom: colored toilets, colored taps ...

This trend in coloured bathrooms creates a melody between each decorative piece and gives your room a signature style. 

To achieve a monochromatic look for your bathroom, or to bring a splash of colour, Finish Studio is your best ally, as your bathroom becomes a blank canvas where creativity can flow.

Coloured bathroom suites for all tastes

Bathroom design is now embracing a new era with new layers integrated into traditional elements.

Yes, coloured bathroom suites are back, and they're here to stay.Thanks to this boom in popularity, our new aesthetic concept, Finish Studio, specialising in innovative finishes, is increasingly taking centre stage.

Let's look at some trends in this new aesthetic universe of paint colours for bathrooms.

bano verde

Crocodile green bathroom

Bathrooms with colourful toilets

Some decades ago, bathroom suites in different colours, such as maroon, blue, pink and green came into fashion. 

Now we're bringing back this trend, and introducing a variety of different finishes, from solid colours to textures with amazing finishes, such as natural stone. All of this, thanks to the knowledge of craftsmanship combined with technological advances in the production of special pieces. 

Noken's designs include a wide range of colourful sanitaryware (grey, beige, black, pink, or stone textures) and introduce coloured toilets, washbasins and bathtubs. A new harmony of colour that proposes a 'total look', in which all the pieces combine to create a unique and stylish bathroom.

Pastel-coloured toilets

Thanks to the Finish Studio finishes, customers can choose from an excellent range of pastel toilets.The toilets from the Essence C Compact collection include up to 9 different shades, ranging from the most vibrant and daring, such as Canary yellow; to more elegant and timeless shades, such as black and grey; and more neutral shades, such as beige. Our selection:

  • Flamingo pink
  • Crocodile green
  • Arctic blue
  • Canary yellow
  • Pastel beige
  • Sunset blue
  • Black jet
  • Fusion grey
  • Chocolate brown

inodoro azul artico

Arctic blue toilet and bidet
bano verde y amarillo
Canary yellow toilet and bidet
bano beige
Beige pastel toilet and bidet

Matt toilets 

Matt finishes have long been associated with sophistication, but also with cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition to coloured toilets, it is worth noting the increasing importance of matt finishes in bathroom fixtures as well. A finish that we can find in white and black sanitaryware. 

At Noken, we have white matt toilets for premium bathrooms, as well as black toilets, and toilets in shades of grey with this same special finish.

bano marron  

Acro Compact toilet and bidet in matt black

Coloured washbasins for all tastes

The Essence C Compact series washbasins, with matching sanitaryware allows us to create monochrome bathrooms or combine colours.

lavabo verde

Crocodile Green Essence C Compact washbasin

Our iconic Slender washbasins are now available in Finish Studio finishes, and with Round taps and a matching handle, they create a unique design.

lavabo azul
The Slender washbasin in Evening Blue with Round taps and a handle in the same finish

If you prefer to use more natural shades that show the hand-painted designs, you can choose a classic round shape or a square shape.

circulo lavabos
Slender Washbasins in Finish Studio finishes: Carrara Marble, Marfil Stone, Caliza Concrete, Marquina Stone and Dark Concrete

Coloured taps

As well as coloured toilets and sanitaryware, metallic coloured taps also add a touch of colour to the bathroom.

As well as the traditional chrome tap, we now install bathroom taps in gold, titanium, copper, black, white...

The brushed effect finish found on copper and titanium coloured taps are also popular. 

Choose from a wide range of colours, and also combine curved and geometric-shaped taps. There is no doubt that, having a completely unique bathroom is now easier than ever. 

Matt black taps are one of the most popular trends in recent years, and are available in Square taps and the Oxo, Lignage and Round series. 


Oxo taps in chrome, black and brushed titanium finish
Square taps in chrome, brushed titanium, matt black and brushed copper finish
lavabo slender 
Slender washbasin with Square wall taps in matt black
Round taps in chrome, brushed titanium, matt black and brushed copper finish
lavabo marron
Slender washbasin in chocolate brown with Round taps in chrome with matching handle
Lignage taps in chrome, gloss gold, brushed gold and brushed copper finish
griferia lignage
Lignage taps with Carrara marble handle

Bathtubs ideal for coloured bathroom suites

Free-standing bathtubs are already charming, and they make a splash in any bathroom. But if you fill it with colour, the result will be absolutely spectacular:

banera verde oxo

Two-tone bathtub from the renovated OXO collection

The futuristic OXO Bathtub perfectly combines geometric shapes and two-tone beauty. A new avant-garde addition that stands out to give coloured bathrooms a modern touch.

Lounge Concrete black and white bathtub

Finish Studio is applied to the Lounge Concrete oval-shaped bathtub, with a white interior and coloured front. Simply sublime.

The new coloured bathroom fixtures open up new possibilities for bathroom design and customisation, promoting bathrooms that are unique to each owner and providing a wide variety of styles to coloured bathroom suites.

An example of this is the bathroom project of the new home of the interior designer Miriam Alía, inspired by the purest seventies style. Its play of colours, shapes and different elements brings freshness, vitality and luminosity to the bathroom spaces.


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