Noken Clean Tornado: The new toilet flush system

Discover Clean Tornado, the innovative toilet flush system designed for next-level cleaning efficiency and sustainability. Everything you need to know.

At Noken, we truly believe that improving people's lives should be the focus of optimum product design. And this is what fuels our drive to develop tech-enabled solutions to maximise comfort in the bathroom and make cleaning a breeze.

Our Clean Tornado technology flush system is a prime example of our philosophy, redefining hygiene in the bathroom. 

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How does Clean Tornado work?

It harnesses centrifugal force to clean every millimetre of the toilet bowl. A high-pressure jet of water exits from a small hole in the side of the toilet, generating a 360º vortex.

Clean Tornado toilet flush system

What are the main benefits of this innovative toilet flush system?

Maximum hygiene and efficiency are front and centre of this innovative toilet flush system. With just one water outlet, effective cleaning comes guaranteed - even in those hard-to-reach corners. Here, simplicity is a design must; maximum ease of maintenance for a flawlessly clean bathroom with minimum effort.

Beyond its exceptional performance, Clean Tornado also represents our commitment to the environment. Why? Because the ECO PLUS dual flush option (4.5/3 litres) saves even more water.

The technology also dampens the sound of the flush, transforming your bathroom into the quiet and calm retreat you need for everyday self-care and wellness.

In short, Clean Tornado is synonymous with:

  • Easy cleaning: The simpler lines inside the toilet bowl make it easier to clean, ensuring a spotless bathroom with minimum effort.
  • Efficient flush: With a single outlet nozzle and no flange. The high-velocity flush propels water into every gap and crevice where dirt can accumulate, resulting in much more efficient cleaning.
  • No splashes: It has been designed to distribute water evenly around the bowl, which helps to eliminate splashes. This is because the water flows into the bowl in a spiral, meaning it doesn't land directly on the bowl at an angle and cause unwanted splashes. Instead, water is distributed more evenly around the edges of the bowl.
  • Environmental commitment: Because it saves water with every flush, this design reduces carbon footprint, contributing to the preservation of our natural resources for future generations. Thanks to the ECO PLUS dual flush (4.5/3 litres), this new system leads to considerable water savings.
  • Quieter: Reduced noise is another advantage; the flush is much quieter than conventional designs.

Discover the new Marne toilet with Clean Tornado technology

Presenting one of the latest additions to our new bathroom catalogue:

We combined state-of-the-art technology with our firm commitment to the environment to create the new Marne N toilet with an integrated Clean Tornado system, harnessing centrifugal force for unparalleled toilet bowl cleaning.

Discover the revolution in cleaning, efficiency and sustainability. Choose Noken Clean Tornado.

Marne toilet with Clean Tornado technology

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