Chromotherapy in the shower: the benefits of having a bath full of colour

Keeping the latest interior design trends in view, we rely on the application of the colour therapy in the bathroom design.

What is chromotherapy and how can it help you?

Chromotherapy - also known as colour therapy - is a therapy based on the healing benefits of colour. It's defined as "a technique that aims to stimulate the senses, redressing any imbalances brought on by everyday stresses, and/or create a more positive state of mind".


Did you know that, according to experts' recommendations, just 30 minutes a day of colour therapy is enough to reap the benefits?

Alfredo Perez Sainz de la Maza, President of the Spanish Wellness and Spa Association, says: "Following numerous studies, there is now a consensus on the use of colour in health and the overall definition of chromotherapy".


The most significant benefits of chromotherapy are summed up in these four key points:

  1. It helps to 'recharge' energies, reducing both physical and mental tiredness.
  2. It helps to reduce sleep disorders
  3. It helps with pain (headaches, muscle pain, etc.)
  4. It stimulates the central nervous system

chromotherapy-shower Seasons

Chromotherapy and the meaning of colours

Can you picture yourself in a relaxing bathroom, immersed in a shower of colours?

So what do colours mean in the world of chromotherapy, and what are their benefits?


Discover how to improve your health with colour:

  1. Orange. It relieves tiredness and enhances your mood against depression.  
  2. Yellow. It is a colour full of energy, which stimulates enthusiasm, and improves your mind and muscular tone.  
  3. Green. The benefits of what is natural. Both calming and encouraging, it provides serenity and helps you sleep.  
  4. Blue. Tranquillity. It produces a feeling of serenity and peace. It helps ease your muscle tension.
  5. Purple. It is a colour which activates your imagination.
  6. Indigo. It is the colour of creativity and inspiration.
  7. Magenta. It increases blood pressure, regulates vitality and gets you going.   


What colour should I choose? Combine them to achieve harmony

In order to bring the experience into line with our emotions, the shower heads with chromotherapy count on up to sixteen different and customisable options, ranging from cold calm colours to warm revitalising options. 

As well as all the different colour combinations they offer, these shower heads are available with an aromatherapy kit which comes with aromas like energy, relax, and kenzo. A truly unique, amazing experience to delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.



Showers of colour: emotional technology

Beyond applying colour in the interior decoration therapeutically, in recent times our home has become more habitable, more of a healing place and it has cosier spaces thanks to the application of the most cutting-edge technology in the field of the bathroom equipment.

Keeping the latest interior design trends in view, and recovering the ancient sages’ teaching, we rely on the application of the colour therapy in the bathroom design, by implementing the shower heads and the showers with colour led in the shower space.


Wellness Chromotherapy by Noken from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.


Wellness Showers: a bathroom experience

Lounge and Seasons shower heads give you the option to blend all the various sensations each colour gives off, plus a number of spray patterns like inner or outer rainfall, mist, waterfall or central jet. The result? A veritable explosion of emotions. The benefits of water and hydrotherapy multiplied by the power of colour - the perfect formula to start or end your day.

The Lounge series, created by designer Simone Micheli, comes with shower features characterised by - like the rest of the collection - "subtle, understated elegance; yet hidden within the shower you'll find the most advanced technology, specially developed to turn your bathroom space into a world of wellness".



This new wellness shower range has several chromotherapy programmes which can be selected via the remote control. You could choose a cycle of colours or stick with one tone - Energy, Relax, Balance or Sensation. Depending on their mood, users can give in to the positive energy of red, luminous purity of white, refreshing serenity of green or the relaxing effects of yellow.


As well as the chromotherapy programmes, Lounge shower heads give you a choice of four other shower modes, offering sensations like rainfall, mist, waterfall and jet. These are systems that put technology at the service of design, awakening the senses and giving users unparalleled moments of relaxation.


With its Lounge and Seasons shower heads, Noken opens up a world in which you can envelop your whole body in water, light and colour, perfectly tailored to your mood. A world of wellness, where design and comfort come together in perfect harmony. A world where you can turn your shower into your own personal spa with the simple touch of a button.



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