Chromotherapy in the shower: the benefits of having a bath full of colour

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 30 mar 2016

Colours radiate light energy through vibrations which strongly influence both our body and emotions, thus, helping make our quality of life better.

Therefore, and assuming to be a therapy based on the benefits to be gained by colour, chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy, is defined as a technique which aims to stimulate feelings, and at the same time restoring the imbalance which is caused by the daily stressful routine and/or enhancing the most positive mood.




Well-being related to colours 

  1. Orange. It relieves tiredness and enhances your mood against depression.  
  2. Yellow. It is a colour full of energy, which stimulates enthusiasm, and improves your mind and muscular tone.  
  3. Green. The benefits of what is natural. Both calming and encouraging, it provides serenity and helps you sleep.  
  4. Blue. Tranquillity. It produces a feeling of serenity and peace. It helps ease your muscle tension.
  5. Purple. It is a colour which activates your imagination.
  6. Indigo. It is the colour of creativity and inspiration.
  7. Magenta. It increases blood pressure, regulates vitality and gets you going.  




Showers of colour: emotional technology

Beyond applying colour in the interior decoration therapeutically, in recent times our home has become more habitable, more of a healing place and it has cosier spaces thanks to the application of the most cutting-edge technology in the field of the bathroom equipment.

Keeping the latest interior design trends in view, and recovering the ancient sages’ teaching, we rely on the application of the colour therapy in the bathroom design, by implementing the shower heads and the showers with colour led in the shower space.


Optimise your mood: have a bathroom full of colour

Following the recommendation by experts, 30 minutes a day are enough to get the benefits of the colour therapy.

The Lounge Wellness Showers shower heads and the Seasons shower heads allow the combination of the different sensations that every colour tone give, with the different water ways, such as rain, column and cascade. The result obtained is a veritable explosion of emotions, where in addition to the benefits of water itself and chromotherapy, we get the leverage capacity of colour, thus, becoming the perfect formula to finish or start the daily routine.


What colour should I choose? Combine them to achieve harmony

In order to bring the experience into line with our emotions, the shower heads with chromotherapy count on up to sixteen different and customisable options, ranging from cold calm colours to warm revitalising options.