How to choose a toilet: wall hung vs. floor standing designs

How to choose a toilet that suits your bathroom and needs from among the different options, based on technology, design and type of installation.

The toilet is an important part of the bathroom due to its recurrent use. This means that, when designing a bathroom in a renovation or new build, it is essential to know what criteria to follow when making the choice.

How to opt for a toilet

If you want to choose the toilet that best suits your bathroom, it is important to know that there are different types of systems, designs, formats and finishes available. Taking into account these aspects in relation to aesthetics, innovation and technology for greater comfort and quality of life is a must.

As the world-leading manufacturers of sanitaryware, we have a versatile offer to adapt each toilet to every bathroom, user and need. We provide you with a wide range of products to find the perfect piece.

Different types of toilet systems

There are different types of toilet systems depending on the installation, shape and cistern.

You can choose between wall hung toilets with a concealed cistern, or floor standing toilets with a conventional or concealed cistern. Both designs are ideal for modern bathrooms.

Wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets offer a more minimalist, modern and lighter aesthetic, as the cistern is concealed. Plus, since they are mounted on the wall, it creates a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom with more elegant proportions.

By not resting on the floor and with fewer elements in sight, they facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the toilet. 

We have toilets for this type of installation in several series, such as Acro Compact, Essence-C, or signature collections like Lounge.


Acro Compact wall hung toilet in grey


Essence-C wall hung toilet in Flamingo Pink 


Lounge wall-mounted toilet

Floor standing toilet 

Floor standing toilets with conventional cisterns are the toilets we have always had, which means they are a safe option for the room. 

Now you can also add a modern, minimalist and sophisticated touch by opting for a free standing toilet with a hidden cistern. 

The floor standing toilets in our catalogue also come in many formats, as is the case of the Acro Compact and Arquitect series, which are characterised by their more classic designs that stand on the floor with a conventional cistern.


Acro Compact free standing toilet with concealed cistern


Arquitect floor standing toilet with conventional cistern

Differences between these two systems

The major advantage of floor standing toilets with conventional cisterns is that they are easy to install and require no building work. On the other hand, wall hung toilets require small modifications to be made, as the concealed cistern must be installed in the wall, with a suitable thickness and width to hide it.

One aspect that initially seems to be a big difference between these two toilet systems is maintenance. Conventional cisterns allow direct access to the mechanism, and although the hidden cistern may seem more complex, everything needed to solve any problem can also be accessed from the push plate. In addition, maintenance of both the toilet and the room is simpler in the case of the wall hung format.

At Noken, we guarantee the reliability of these products, conducting demanding functional and load tests accredited by international certifying bodies.

Other keys when choosing a toilet

Apart from the type of system you prefer for your toilet, there are other aspects to take into account to choose the toilet that best suits the aesthetics of your bathroom and adapts to your needs.

The design: the shape and finishes matter

The design of the toilet you choose will influence the look of the bathroom. At Noken, we work with internationally-renowned architects to offer toilets with distinct designs. Vitae toilets, designed by Zaha Hadid, are far from conventional, proposing a fluid design for wall hung toilets inspired by the motion of water.


Vitae wall hung toilet designed by Zaha Hadid 

In terms of finishes, apart from the gloss white, matt white or matt black offered in some of our series, with the Essence-C Compact toilet and the Finish Studio finishes in pastel colours, you will be able to add a touch of colour to your bathroom, for a unique and vibrant design—one of the current trends for bathrooms.


Essence-C wall hung toilet in Artic Blue

Made from high-end Noken Ceramic, our toilets guarantee high quality and durability. They also focus on innovation for quality of life, through systems such as the Soft Close mechanism for the toilet seat and lid, and Noken Lift-Up, which allows the seat to be removed for better maintenance and cleaning. 

→ Take a look at this text if you are interested in knowing more about Soft Close and Noken Lift-Up  

SMART toilets: choose the toilet of the future today

Smart bathrooms are one of the current trends that define bathrooms of the future.

Technology applied to daily life to enhance well-being. You can find this technology in both floor standing and wall hung toilets.

Thanks to the latest technology, I-Smart equipment transforms daily bathroom care into an increasingly hygienic and efficient experience. These bathroom solutions make life more comfortable, as well as offering a more functional and customisable service: a bathroom for each person.

Our Acro Compact I-Smart electronic wall hung toilet is a new way of understanding wellness, where aesthetics and technology are synchronised. Minimalist and timeless. A return to the source.

→ Here you can discover all the secrets: Noken Smart Toilets.


Smart toilet remote control


Acro Compact I-Smart toilet

WaterForest toilets: save up to 56% of water.

Contributing to water saving is possible with our WaterForest toiletsWe adapt the water flush to every need with the ECO dual flush system. Available for 6-3 litres and 4.5-3 litres, allowing for water savings of 47% and 56% respectively. A small breakthrough in sustainability.

Choosing a toilet depending on the bathroom size

The layout of the pieces needs to be more strategic in the case of compact or small bathrooms. In terms of formats, Noken offers versatility to adapt to every space, with toilets for small bathrooms in the two versions: floor standing and wall hung.

The Acro Compact floor toilets are suitable for XS bathrooms due to the narrow depth of the cistern at just 600 mm. For wall hung toilets, we propose series like the Essence-C Compact, which has a depth of 510 mm instead of the 560 mm of the normal Essence-C version.

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