How to choose a compact toilet

Discover short projection (low depth) toilets in our catalogue that make the most of every inch of space in smaller bathrooms. Your house needs a short projection toilet.

When you're planning a bathroom, measuring the space is one more thing for your list. And when you're choosing a compact toilet, it's crucial to choose compact fixtures to suit the dimensions of the room.

compact toiletEssence C Compact Azul Ártico room scheme

What are the standard dimensions of compact toilets?

The measurements of a standard toilet with a cistern are usually 60-70 cm deep and 40-50 cm wide. However, there are many models of toilet with compact dimensions that can be installed easily in spaces where every centimetre counts.

To save as much space as possible, the best options are to use solutions like built-in cisterns and choose small toilets models with less depth that protrude around 50 cm from the wall.

In this article, we will explain the recommended measurements for planning your bathroom and how much space to leave between the fixtures. For toilets, it is recommended to:

  • Leave a free space 70 cm wide and 120 cm long.
  • Do not place toilets right up against the wall but leave a gap of at least 20 cm.
  • There should be at least 15 cm of space between other fixtures and fittings.
  • The height of the toilet should be 45 cm.

 compact toilet

Advantages of compact toilets

If you've got limited space in the bathroom, opting for a short projection toilet offers a number of advantages:

  • More options when deciding where to position it.
  • Balance and functionality to fit in with any bathroom style.
  • Everyday comfort in terms of use and maintenance.
  • Quick and simple toilet cleaning.

compact toiletAcro Compact easy-to-clean toilet

Types of compact and small toilet

There are several compact toilets to choose from.

  • You could go for a back to wall toilet with the cistern built in to the wall - great for optimising space, as the mechanisms are housed behind the flush button, within the partition. Wall-concealed cisterns are an independent fixture that are used for wall-hung toilets, but this system can also be used for floor-mounted toilets that do not have a ceramic cistern.
  • Or, even more ideal, a wall-mounted toilet. These designs - as well as providing a sense of visual lightness - also come with a cistern, meaning they can save a significant amount of space.

Which are the most compact toilets on the market?

We consider toilets that protrude less than 52 cm from the wall to be compact toilets. Among the models we offer at Noken, we highlight the Acro Compact and Essence C Compact as the most compact toilets in our catalogue, short projection toilets that meet the needs of limited space in the bathroom.


 Acro Compact is a wall-hung model with a built-in cistern, measuring 49.5 cm deep and 36 cm wide. This short projection toilet optimises space in the bathroom, thanks to its combination of practical features.

compact toiletsAcro Compact short projection toilets

The toilets in our Essence C Compact collection benefit from reduced dimensions, making them an ideal, practical choice for small, minimalist bathrooms; plus, it's available with the Rimless cleaning system.

compact toiletBeige Pastel Essence C toilet

The Essence C Compact is available both in wall-hung and floor-mounted models, with a depth of 51 cm and a width of 34 cm. It is installed with built-in cistern and includes the Nk-Clean Rimless system and a soft-close seat.

essence-c-compact-inodoro-pequeno-nokenEssence C Compact toilet

The Lounge collection, with signature pieces designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, conveys the sense of calm, simplicity and serenity championed by Mediterranean style.

The range includes compact toilets with reduced dimensions, with a standout design based on efficiency and sustainability with cutting-edge finishes. Our totally timeless Lounge design comes with a 52 cm projection.

compact toiletsLOUNGE short projection toilet

Other toilet models with reduced dimensions 

The collection designed by Foster & Partners together with Porcelanosa Bathrooms is another highlight. Wall-mounted Tono toilets - with a 51.5 cm projection and 38 cm width - are also suitable for smaller bathrooms. An outstanding solution, thanks to the versatile design and minimalist aesthetic.

tono-inodoro-pequeno-nokenTono compact toilet

Lastly, our review of compact and functional toilets wouldn't be complete without the Urban C collection - with a 51 cm projection and 35 cm width. The perfect solution for bathrooms where every little centimetre counts, but you don't want to sacrifice style or a modern look.

Urban C has the power to simplify your bathroom. A practical and minimalist concept in which technology and innovation play a key role in guaranteeing everyday comfort.

urban-c-inodoro-pequeno-nokenUrban C wall-hung toilet

Small bathroom FAQs

Why should you go for a compact toilet in your bathroom?

If you've got limited space in the bathroom, opting for a compact or short projection toilet is the best way of making the most of the space you have. And what you gain in centimetres, you also gain in versatility, broadening your layout options.

Which compact toilet to go for?

When you're looking for the compact toilet that best suits your needs, you need to be clear on whether you want a wall-mounted toilet or one with a built-in cistern. 

What's the definition of a compact toilet?

Toilets with a projection of less than 52 cm from the wall are considered compact, or short projection toilets. These small, compact toilets are available in numerous Noken collections, including Acro Compact, Essence C Compact, Lounge, Tono and Urban C.

Are small toilets easier to install?

In terms of how easy they are to install, there isn't much difference between a small or larger toilet. With the right plumber and the right tools, short projection toilets can be installed in a couple of hours.

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