Cersaie 2023: Explore, Get Inspired and Refresh Your Bathroom Projects with Our New Products

In the world of bathroom design, innovation and functionality are crucial elements for creating spaces that provide comfort and well-being. At Cersaie 2023, we presented a range of cutting-edge solutions that redefine the bathroom experience. From revolutionary technologies to timeless designs. We invite you to discover how these new products will transform your bathroom projects!

Like we do every year, we went to the unmissable event that is Cersaie, the most notable European event specialising in ceramics and bathrooms, which celebrated its 40th edition. Much more than a fair, it's a meeting place at which to draw inspiration from the latest in the sector.

Whether you were able to go or not, the time has come to immerse yourself in our latest products!

This year, we focused on innovative wellness technologies, as well as on the latest additions to our OXO and Lounge collections. And on SWAN, the designer tap of the moment, which we created in collaboration with ERRE Arquitectura. Not forgetting the endless variety of finishes from the now iconic Finish Studio for customising the Slender washbasins and Round taps.

Noken Energy Technology and Noken Care System: Taking Your Wellness to the Next Level

For us, the search for complete well-being is a priority in the design of contemporary bathrooms. As a result, we have created unique options to elevate this experience with Noken Energy Technology and the Noken Care System.

Liem bathtub with the Noken Care System

Close-up of the Liem Bathtub with the Noken Care System

This system, applied to bathtubs, goes beyond a simple bath. Thanks to its oxygen microbubbles, it activates cell metabolism, moisturises the skin and improves cognitive functions, providing complete rejuvenation.

Soleil Round bathtub with the Noken Care System

For showers, the new Noken Energy shower head redefines the sensation of bathing. With multiple small holes that break up the jet into micro drops, it offers a relaxing and silent experience, bringing rain into your own wellness space.

Square hand and mist shower head with Noken Energy technology

Lounge mist head with Noken Energy technology

If you want to create a true haven of well-being in which to unwind, you'll like this. → Home spa:How to take your wellness to the next level.

OXO Collection: Pura and Angular Shapes

High-quality taps

Oxo taps are refashioned by introducing brushed copper, blending elegance and functionality in a design inspired by aerodynamics.

This ECO tap, which limits water consumption and starts cold, demonstrates our company's commitment to sustainability.

In addition, its versatile finishes, such as chrome, matt black and brushed titanium, offer options for all tastes and styles.

Independent Unit: Natural Oak and Project Tech Technology

With this exquisite piece, we are committed to total customization. An independent unit that's ideal for spaces that adhere to the trend of warm minimalism.

The natural oak not only adds a warm touch, but also durability and resistance. Complemented by Project Tech technology in the worktop, this unit is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Oxo towel rail: Elegance and Functionality in Harmony

The Oxo towel rail, made from high-quality carbon steel, is the ideal blend of functionality and style in the bathroom.

Not only does it keep towels dry and organised, it also adds a touch of elegance to any space.

With chrome and matt black finishes, its rectangular design blends harmoniously with the overall look of the space, whether classic or modern.

Lounge: Personal Character and Timeless Aesthetics

Lounge taps, with their straight lines and matt black finish, add sophistication and elegance to private spaces. This trend is growing and it's here to stay.

Elsewhere, the Lounge Espiga vanity combines natural maple wood with the Project Tech surface to make this piece as convenient as it is resistant and antibacterial. Its minimalist and warm design is the highlight of any bathroom.

We are also adding a new star product to this collection: this innovative towel rail. With strategic spaces for hanging towels, it adapts perfectly to any space thanks to its matt black finish and two convenient sizes. Whether in the water, electric with thermostat or electronic version with a round screen, this towel rail is, without a doubt, a jewel of bathroom design.

Finish Studio: Details that Make the Difference

Customisation in interior design is booming, and Finish Studio brings it into the scope of Noken's products, specifically to its Round taps and Slender washbasins.

The taps, designed with a subtle and delicate aesthetic, add a new feature, handles in stone and metallic finishes to create distinguished and elegant bathrooms. These same finishes can be found in the new Slender square washbasins, the round version of which feature pastel colours with a fresh and bold look.

Explore our complete catalogue of new products

At Cersaie 2023, we raised the standard in bathroom solutions. Every innovation, from our Noken Energy Technology to the timeless designs of the Lounge collection, is designed to transform your bathroom space into a sanctuary of wellness.

Under the "Explore, refresh, get inspired" slogan to bring your top projects to life, we invite you to discover the secrets of these and many other new products.

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